Winter Vashon

It was windy last year.  Photos are a mess of spilled spinnys. 

Sunday pancake breakfast notes.  Marcus asked about the bunny, so funny to me thinking of these big tough guys talking about a bunny rabbit with heart shaped eyes.  Jon answered that bunny is super sweet.  Oh and Jon also spoke for a while with Matthew, cpt from Dulcinia who used to own Tension.  Matthew brought up the Seattle Grand Prix in 2005.   Jon was racing his old T-Ten, Perfect and Matthew was racing his old T-ten, Tension.  Matthew spoke about the gale and pulling into the marina with a full crew of big strong guys and tossing lines to a pregnant woman and then discovering that there were only the three of us on the boat that day and that they still talk about it.

That race was hard core.  It was the dark skies and dark sea and big winds.  Twice I pulled the boat around and off course for jon and alex to deal with the foredeck, both times I was ready to retire but we managed to stay alive.  The stantion broke and I remember hearing it and feeling it fail and then the I held my breath and faced a wave fully expecting to go swimming and then I felt alex pulling me by the neck of my life jacket back onto the deck.  When I sat back up I puked, the wind took it and it splashed directly onto alex’s face and as I apologized the next wave washed it away. So gross.

Randy sailed all day around the rock and brought the boat back to Vashon, to catch a ferry off island to drive to Portland @ midnight to step aboard a tugboat up the Columbia River.



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