Went to Sat Eve Mass

Asked Jesus for my own Rosary and instructions.  Walked into the library and there was a photo of the Pope, kissed my fingers and touched it and looked up and there was a ROSARY so I picked it up and met Father John, told him about my prayer for a Rosary and then I found one and could I keep it.  He said YES!  How wonderful.  Mentioned I was Lutheran and so I don’t know how to perform the Rosary, he said yes I know,  so he set me up with a booklet and a CD.  Gave me his blessing during the Eucharist and what a pretty church.

So the bible was a gift from Pastor Larson at Vashon Lutheran.  The Catechism a gift from Father Roach @ St John Mary Vianney- Vashon.Tonight Both the CD, instructions & Rosary were a gift from Father John @ SJV.

It was something to find the Rosary.  Have secretly wanted to learn it for a long time and had to leave the Lutheran Church to do it.  Feeling All rainbowy with Father John’s Blessing.

such an important painting.  every other version has empty plate, so what did they eat?  this nun painted a huge mural in the dinning hall of her convent.  she painted a lamb on Jesus’s plate.  Jesus is embracing Mary, that’s my favorite part.  -Nelli Plautilla

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