Vashon Pot Shop

Had terrible night sleep.  Up at 4am in my sketch book.  It was about 6am and I was online when I learned about the pot shop. Went to med check and learned my health insurance termed out. Sent in my paperwork in October, but there must have been a glitch.  Had to leave med check and reschedule.  Then my counselor called and informed me that the clinic was closing early, holidays.  Had to reschedule anyway due to no health insurance and then I had to call my pharmacy. The clinic gave me the number to renew my registration and I called and couldn’t believe someone answered and did it all by phone for me. So confusing, needed the help.

Tonight will be different.  Loved all the stuff @ pot shop and that I don’t have to leave the island anymore and that they are open 10am to 10pm Daily.  Gone forever are the days of glass mason jars and being able to smell the flowers before buying them.  The labels on these flowers state the date of harvest.  I love that.  The indica I bought today was harvested on my birthday.

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