Too Soon? AH, NO.

Asked Jon to walk with me tonight.  For whatever reason I didn’t want to go alone.  Sure enough we were stalked by a mountain lion.  It was hiding in a rock cropping and we walked right by it and didn’t see it.  Then we heard it come after us. Only because of all the leaves that have fallen.  So I said, We have to stop,  just turn around and face it down. And I pulled my hoodie up over my head to try to make myself look bigger. It changed its mind and boogied down and crossed the street. It was dark but I could see it was bigger than my dog.  Didn’t say it but I wanted to:  I Told You So.   Our neighbor saw it in his yard just the other day, so there ya go, middle of the day when he saw it. He said he was tromping along trying for a photo and it took off in to the woods.

Now Jon understands what I have been freaking out about and is buying me mace tomorrow.  He had to see it for himself to believe it. When we got home and I could calm down I casually asked him if it was too soon to say I told you so.  He said No.  It was very near our neighbors who keep chickens but they go to bed early so I dunno.  Still freaked. Much more freaked then when it happened. When it happened I was so calm.  Neither one of us even raised our voices.


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