The New Guy

Have been trying to get him to crew with us for several years.  He’s got this sexy little boat down at the harbor, Ciao Bella.   When his friends come by to visit he swoops by the dock at just the right speed for the guest to step aboard casually without stopping the boat.  Once I went out with him and he did that, it was so fun.  Went out again with my son and same thing, picked him up and dropped us off without stopping.  It’s sort of like stepping on a escalator for the first time.  My kids have all done the sailing programs so they can dig it.

Jon loves taking people out and if they seem serious their name is put on a roster.  He’ll pick three different races and they’ll get crew called.  If they say no three times, he doesn’t think they are serious and he doesn’t call anymore.  In just the last year, this guy became more serious.

This guy was crew called once and that time he couldn’t sail because he had this trip in Boston.  But yesterday he surprised everyone and was at the dock 15min before Jon and Randy, wondering where the hell they were and anxious to get out there. So that’s awesome initiative, a good sign.

Yesterday there was a full crew and with 11 people there were two people to man the running back stays.  He said they did great.  No lines caught up in the main. On that race there is this big marker at the Duwamish River and it’s thrilling because all these boats come racing around alki point under the spinny and it involves getting that sail down as the boat hits the marker and gybes around then on the way out the jib is raised and really both moves should be done at the same time and each move takes 4 or 5 people depending on the conditions.   Jon said the moves were executed perfectly and that it was fun and exciting.  Of course spinny take downs around a mark are fun and exciting. The new guy has great salt and I guess he’s sticking around.  30 years of sailing and that was his first race. Loved it.  Whales, twice, what a day.

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