The Love Of Saturn

Saturn has been fixed over my skies for two and a half years, of a 7.5 year thing.  It’s only since Sept that it has transited to Sag, ending with a retrograde.  I can feel it letting me go, its eyes now turning to Capricorn. What ever work I was able to accomplish will set the tone from here to my late 80’s.  When it happens again. Love, structure, discipline, karma, responsibility, death, disease. Hardly a mid life crisis.  More like a sustained hurricane.  Shutting down my pc and picking up my paintbrush.  Grateful and Blessed.

…Saturn in Capricorn  2017-2020?  Don’t think about it.


With each passing year the odds of global economic collapse rises significantly. Late-2017 could be the trigger while 2018 – 2019 is likely to anchor it. As researched by Gover, Uranus in it’s final year in Aries in 2018 makes economic collapse even more probable. Add to this “Grim Reaper” Saturn strong in its home sign of Capricorn for a full three years and joining Pluto to end the Saturn/Pluto cycle, 2017 – 2020 is a textbook astrological recipe for a significant global deflationary downturn.

As a result of these cycles and energies, 2017 – 2020 will probably be the hardest four years humans have faced since The Crash of 1929 and the onset of The Great Depression.






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