Sweet Bunny

Have been so weepy.  Olive’s health  declined rapidly yesterday and last night she died.  Wasn’t there, she was sleeping on my daughter’s bed.  Olive spent the last week or so with me and it was nice, she was a very sweet little girl.  My daughter had school and is working two jobs.  I was happy to sit with Olive.

But last night, after saying goodbye to Olive, I went to visit Bunny.  The rabbit must have known.  She was very mellow and immediately went to my face and began kissing my tears away.  “Oh what’s wrong?  Here, you stop that crying…”  That’s the thing about empathy.  Animals don’t withold it. They live by it.  Especially bunnies I think.  Very energy sensitive.  This one doesn’t talk at all, or purr, or chatter.

Still she’s got this big personality.  Hops in circles around my feet. Jumps in the air when she’s happy.  Drags my pillow away when it’s on “her” place on my bed.  Tosses her water dish when she’s thirsty. When she sees Jon, he says Hello Little Bunny and then she nibbles on his shoes, everytime. When she’s angry for lack of attention, she digs and pees on my stuff.  Pretty straight forward.

My son and his beautiful girlfriend are heading back to WI with his dog.  Another weepy heart smile.  More goodbyes. That dog has been wonderful.  A great friend to Buddy and all the kids.  When I came back from Bellevue, whoah the dogs went nuts happy when they saw me.  It’s just going to be really quiet.  Going to miss them.  They are already talking about the next visit.

Olive’s funeral will be held later tonight.  Brought her to Jon and he offered her a formal funeral in the nicest way. Several times he came in to find me sleeping with Olive on my chest, or curled up in my hair around my neck.  Something he couldn’t do.


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