Not really, we all talked about it.  But kinda sorta anyway.  When I mentioned it to the kids they both said fake no while trying to hide their smiles from me.  Jon fake complained about more mouths to feed. Everyone melted when I brought them home.  My daughter saw them this morning and said, Oh they are so precious I do not regret this decision.  They are 3 and 4 months old.  The black one growls like a dog while stalking like a panther.  The striped one is a chatter box.  Our old lady cats passed and we always need kitchen duty mice hunters.  These are in training and I can tell the black one is going to be great.

Phoned friend in Chicago.  I said I wasn’t sure about introducing the rabbit to the kittens.  He said get it over with.  It’s true the bunny is probably the sweetest friendliest bunny in the world. When I hung up phone I introduced them. It was so fun.  Super sweet. The bunny is happy and was running in circles around my feet and then over to the kittens. Both kittens and bunny are super gentle.  Within a half hour I let them alone. Things got quiet and after a while longer I peeked and there they were all three taking a nap together.  I think the bunny was really lonely.  This was a great idea.


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