she hates them.

I agree. She says I look naked and fat. Got them 6,7,8 years ago after a storm.  Cotton inside, wool outside. Had to wash them a dozen times to soften them.  They are only a little softer. Read reviews and they are a love hate thing.  Some women say the wool is itchy and scratchy. Some say they are warm and worth it.  One lady said she could only wear them for four hours another said never again after one late night trip to the bathroom.  I realized that I’ve never actually wore them all night long.  Or even under other clothes. If I make it four hours it will be my world’s record.  They really are itchy and in spots that aren’t easy to reach like the back of my knees and under bra straps. Dealing with it because I know it will be cold when I change into something else.  Giving up slowly, going going gave up, gone. Can’t make myself like them even a little.

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