quick work

a loud morning.  no damage to the garage. lucky my car wasn’t parked there, borrowed it to the kids who parked it at the ferry lot. which jon asked me specifically not to do. it was late and he forgot. i was too tired we both were, to go pick it up.

he says it’s just the hood ruined on grandpa’s hoopdi, the windshield didn’t break. it just needs brakes well and the rusted panel might as well be replaced along the with hood. have driven all over the country with my father in law in that car. he bought me a cowboy hat in lincoln, nebraska, giggled and took my picture. after he died i drove across country twice more in it by myself.

late start but with the sun he can finish the dive.  he went through one tank late yesterday, out just before dark.  it was murky, no wind. one harbor seal. watched clouds dropping and wrapping themselves around trees.  stood in rain for a long time until he came up.  tons of screaming seagulls, creepy, the dock was full of them. chose to leave the boat nestled in a cornered slip.   racing this weekend,  hope there isn’t too much wind. yup. too much wind. went to pick up kids and saw waves crashing onto the road. the sunshine long gone. he put off the dive.

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