6000 Pounds of air

Took two dive tanks and two days and the boat bottom is free again of sea grass beard.  Next race Le Mans in Gig Harbor first or second week in November.?

Stunningly beautiful day on the water.  Lots of vitamin D3. Spent much of it laying on the dock and peering over to stare at all the sea flowers sea spiders and star fish.  The docks are teeming with underwater life. The star fish came back from the die off several years ago.  Today they were in abundance and baby jellies less than 1/2 inch and clear so can’t really take photos of them, there were thousands.  Spoke with people and kids strolling the park and dock, it was such a beautiful day.  When the kids see a diver they get really excited and I wonder if someday any of them will become marine biologists.

There was a slight problem with the dry suit, a rat chewed on it so yesterday gallons of water gushed from the suit when he climbed out.  Must have been freezing, he was in for about 3 hours @ 50 degree water.  Today we duct taped the suit from the inside and outside patching the hole and it actually worked.  He was only in for a little over 2 hours today. The suit will have to go to the dive shop for repairs.

Saab Story Cont.

Nate did take the Saab that Rj hit, the Saab parked in the driveway on the hill.  He found the guy who owned the car before me and he actually bought it back from Nate.  So a new engine and that car is good as new.  Saved a vintage Saab. Jon and Nate worked out a deal for the car.

Jon has another Saab that was intended to be a parts car but Jon and Mark-RIP did manage to get it running though no one was driving it.  It was for a Saab SPG that needs a clutch, but those projects were put on a back burner when Mark died.

Today Jon and I drove the other Saab over to Nate’s shop in Georgetown.  For whatever reason it kept stalling.  Once on the ferry boat, once in the ferry lane leaving the dock, that time I pulled up next to him and mentioned I had jumper cables in my car.   1 2 3 jumped the car and we drove off.  Then it happened again and again.  I felt like pit crew. Over and over again until we pulled into Nate’s and as if on cue the motor then purred like a kitten, making us look more like idiots than the drive over.

So that’s that. Two vintage Saab’s for Nate.  …and he said he can help with the clutch for the SPG… all three are black/turbo’s, brought back from the dead, well almost, the edge of it. Parts for these cars are getting harder to find. We were lucky, we had Mark to sift through them.

Prior to this Jon kept taking my jumper cables and putting them in the garage and I kept taking them back.  Now he knows and he’ll never take my jumper cables again.  Still, getting him a portable jumper kit like the guys on the ferry had.  Early Christmas present.  That drive today was solid teamwork, if we didn’t have the practice from racing together he would have had to call a tow.

Went shopping. Two places.  Found:  https://no.co/gb40

Brought it to him.  Something for a guy who has everything.  He seemed to like it, especially for the boat.  Man I wasn’t even thinking about that.  The charger seems small, we have our doubts but the auto part store said it’s good.  We’ll see.



His new winter boots

Little boy stuff.  He shopped online and ordered a pair of boots from amazon. Then asked his dad to ask me not to open the package when it arrived. Then he tracked the order on FedEx.  Yesterday it arrived and I guess I walked right passed it.  He asked if the package was here and I said I didn’t see it and he looked and there it was sitting by the door. He looked at me like I told you so.  He said it arrived at 8:00am.  I said I didn’t think so.

When he opened the box he said, they are too small.  I said they were too big.  But they fit snugly and warm and they are light compared to his heavy combat boots from army navy surplus. He ran around with a friend after school and said the boots are working out.

They were the thought that sprang him out of bed this morning for school.  He sat in a basket of laundry while putting them back on.  Wait, wait he said to his dad who turned and patiently watched him tie his laces and zoom zoom he was off to school.


a far cry

Cancelled sculpture classes.  Have this breathing thing going on.  Happy I quit smoking because whatever this is would be much more difficult to deal with. Seasonal allergies probably, mold in the ground, leaf compost. That reminds me to take some more benadryl.

Counseling involves art therapy though I haven’t done much creatively in a while.  Recently it’s been about my son.  He has beat his depression and graduated from counseling having met his treatment goals.  In school for the first time in 3 years.  It’s been a month.  Last year he tried and changed his mind.  This year he’s much more matured. Loves school. Right away had a foot injury and he was one of the first students to be treated at the new students clinic.  They were good with him, patched him up and he went back to class. Finally he’s in bed early and wakes up rested and ready. That means we are all getting more sleep.

Last year was what it was.  I was in counseling and working on a safety plan and when things went out of the box, I went into the hospital for a week.  Meds for the last year, solid.  Well except for the summer.  Last year the clinic closed its doors and I was scrambling for Prozac.  Worried about getting really depressed in October, braced myself. It happened, I did become seriously depressed. If I hadn’t been hospitalized I would not have met a proper shrink and I would not have met Gabapentin. I don’t think I would have been able to quit smoking. It was hard, stayed sedated. That’s just one thing that improved, huge quality of life betterment. This year I could probably ask about working on a wellness plan.  I can tell the crisis management part is over.

When I look back over the last three years, I was on it with all the kids and the enormity eventually snapped me into pieces. Have cleaned up most of the broken ness. I don’t know how else to describe it.


The notion that people with mental illness can act as community educators is a radical but relatively novel idea. As such, myself and my collaborators recently launched a community education project (funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research) using a method known as “participatory video.”

In this project, we have partnered with three community mental-health centres — Laing House, Halifax; Forward House, Montreal; and Sound Times, Toronto. We then trained people with mental illness to script, produce and edit a series of short videos aiming to raise awareness and reduce stigma. Teams have complete control over the topic and content of videos, and have been provided with video equipment and training from a skilled videographer. After two years of work, the teams have created over 15 poignant and moving videos. One can be seen below:









Amma Amma Taye

Wanted very much to be up at the ashram and I was just so tired, too tired to drive and that’s dangerous. Didn’t push myself, I stayed and slept. Slept a tired sleep and woke rested.  Got a quick note from them, they played the harmonium and liked the sound of it!  Made me so happy.  Gift for the ashram that worked out.  Was a little worried because when I said I had this harmonium… they mentioned that they finally had a person that could actually play it and there were two harmoniums that did not work out. If I could play just one song on it, it would be   Amma Amma Taye.  Happy Birthday Amma!


Fall Retreat

Totally new thing.  Usually attend Devi Bhava @ SR in late November, if it all works out.  Some years it hasn’t.  This year I don’t think there is a retreat in SR.  Sometimes there are retreats like this in the winter, haven’t ever been.  I was sitting there when the girl asked if we could have a center here and the answer was yes.  Bringing the harmonium.

Fall Med Schedule

Really into having anti depressants in my body with refills at pharmacy ready to go by October.  Tried to quit smoking with wellbutrin last year, ha ha.  This year I actually actually did quit smoking. Six weeks earlier than I tried last year and I quit six weeks ago.  Probably because of prozac and klonopin combo.

Now having ditched the klonopin, prozac and cigarettes, back to effexor @ 75mgs once daily for the fall.  If it gets bad there are options.  Have two mood stabilizers this fall that I didn’t even know about last year so yeah progress. Dialed in with weekly counseling/art therapy, feel better prepared for another winter on vashon.  Flu shots at pharmacy and I’m not due in for a med check for 6 weeks.

Wow what a transition.  I feel like a straw that’s been pulled inside out.  Goal to get serious about real cardio and to ditch the mood stabilizers one at a time. I’m gaining weight by just looking at food and faster if I like the smell of it.

she said…






Snug as a bug

he approves. 

Morning schedule is a new thing.  So happy he has returned to school.  My homeschooling days may be over.  He’s got Mr. Daniel’s for math and us for his homework drills.  We practiced last night on the big chalk board in the kitchen and he’s got it.  He’s just over thinking and getting ahead of himself.  Introducing math is like introducing a new language or instrument.  I can tell he’ll be using math like a paintbrush to describe the world in no time.

Those Puppy Dog Eyes

Got me in big trouble tonight.  He was very upset and barking.

We are SUPPOSED to wake up and check when he alerts.

He’s just doing his job.  Good Dog.  Stay by me.

brought his kennel inside. driving jon up the wall.  but that’s what we have to do in coyote and cougar country, have to bring the pets inside now.  that from the ladies at the nature center… well and the officer from dept of wildlife said that a coyote is no match for a cougar.   he said a cougar can take out a coyote in a snap. so. as long as there is a cougar around and gosh I hope so because the coyotes are all over the island now.  we are missing a cat and there were also 17 missing cat signs at the vet. 

made a pot of coffee, bunny helping me type, we might as well stay awake.


Feeling a little crazy.

sometimes i just wanna be able to phone a friend and say I’m so depressed.  but I can’t because my friends are all a bit off themselves.  this blanket, can’t let go, so big I have to work from the big sailing bag.  naturally the song black sheep was running through my head. of course i thought of julie, when we met i actually had sheep and a spinning wheel.

found comfort in making this blanket.   it was like a serious thing, but i actually broke free from the blanket and phoned my friend julie.

she’s not only knitting herself a sweater she’s actually spinning her own wool on a turkish drop spindle and custom coloring the ink.  some serious applied physics.

we have a “fibers” date.  who does that? what kind of people?    coping skills kinds of people i guess.  bringing my crazy blanket over to her place to sit and work on the blanket with another human being. quiet work.

i don’t know how far away i would have to move to be objective about people who live here, like julie and i.    it was 2014, kirsten and rj died, i didn’t know kirsten and julie didn’t know rj.

sometimes i just wanna be able to phone a friend and complain about the new meds.  i feel like my body is still but my mind is flying along with the blanket pattern.  wondering if i’ll have enough wool to finish the picture that’s in my mind.  the softest yarn of his blanket is mountain goat.  55% mohair 45% wool.  230 hand painted yards per skein and i have 5 skeins of it, more than enough in softness but it needs some strength in its structure so i have this fabulous red wool. will bring it over to see if she likes it.

julie says she has two bags of alpaca plus all she’s been drop spinning…


Installed Wildlife Cam

The women from the nature center were so cool.
It was a great hike and we discovered some coyote activity.

Set a camera up on an animal spaghetti junction and I’m excited to see what if anything shows up with the nighttime motion detector!

Set another in another location and maybe a third next week.

Wildlife project city.  This will be great stuff for little man’s science fair at his school.

Bunny went Rogue

She attacked the blanket I’ve been working on. Too many long hours. Hm. She is a beauty. Taught her a new trick.  She can stand on her back legs and dance in a circle.  She has the run of the upstairs and she hops to me when I call her name.  We still call her little bunny.  She will hop up to anyone who says the magic words:  Hello little bunny. Then she will hop in circles around our legs.  She just got in trouble for wanting to chew the cord to the vacuum cleaner.  She dashes to her little hutch and hops inside by herself.  Time out!

She’s a darling, just turned a year old, with us a year already!  Runt of the litter she’s stayed little, except her personality. Still loves to play with my art supplies.  Cutting back my hours on the blanket to spend more time with her.

Like I said before, it was a Cougar.


We saw it while walking aug 26, that was after the other one was tranquilized and put down.

Our neighbor saw it in the top of a Madrona in his yard Yesterday. He said it’s snacking on deer.

With hesitation had to report it, a friend really got angry when I refused to report it the 26th.  But it’s like, we can’t let kids walk from house to house anymore till this is sorted out.

So we are putting up Camera’s Tomorrow on the trail that runs up through Neil Point. Bear, Coyote, Deer & possibly Cougar trail.  and our neighbor’s bear trail also. So Cool.

and i have the wrong kind of mace. fyi, straight up bear mace is better or i could get myself in more trouble.

tonight’s homework.





Up Front

7 Ways to Deal With People Who Don’t Understand Depression.

“How do you keep from getting resentful?” a reader asked me the other day.

I wish I had four simple instructions to make friends and family comprehend the kind of handicaps that don’t come with a parking spot, or at least, be empathetic toward those that are plagued by them. However, some confusion and ache is inevitable because some people are simply incapable of understanding.

Here are a few things that help me to remain a kind, well-adjusted member of society in the face of ignorance.

I’m In:  http://community.projecthopeandbeyond.com/




Before the snow fly’s

Trying so hard to get this completed 1/4 of the way there.

hours and hours and hours and 6 weeks sans smoking cigarettes.

another med check yesterday and another next week.

it’s better then last year, the depression treatment.  for whatever reason i begin to bonk in September, this year I’m ready for it. well on my way into the coming winter with meds and therapy.

bunny tossed all my yarn.  all over the room.  she’s in time out.

had a hard time this am getting little man to school. he’s bent back his pinky toe nail. had to go to the new kids clinic at the high school. he’s the first kid to been seen there from his school.  he has to stay home and soaks and antibiotics and rest.  a little drama but he just thanked me for all the help and he likes his new doctor.


My Little Chickadees

When I was little my Grandfather used to keep a 50 gallon can of birdseed to feed them all winter.  I became very close to them.  I used to love scooping up birdseed from the can and run out there and play with them. They were tame, it took years to be that tame.  Never thought it would happen again.  But it has.  Today two of them stopped my car as I was pulling in.  I had to fully stop and they wanted me to see them.  They were thirsty.  So it was all this drama to get water to them.  Took about an hour.  I could hear them all over talking to each other watching me.  Then they got so happy when I got the fountain running again for them.  One sat on the fountain, another flew under the water I sprayed onto the blackberry bushes for them.  Friends Forever.

Thankful for the Rosary

Something I’ve always wondered, why Mary isn’t celebrated in the Lutheran Church. A weird misogyny? She’s there for the nativity, otherwise… I can’t think of ever seeing her in a Lutheran Church.  Or a Lutheran who prays the Rosary.

Went to Sat Eve Mass

Asked Jesus for my own Rosary and instructions.  Walked into the library and there was a photo of the Pope, kissed my fingers and touched it and looked up and there was a ROSARY so I picked it up and met Father John, told him about my prayer for a Rosary and then I found one and could I keep it.  He said YES!  How wonderful.  Mentioned I was Lutheran and so I don’t know how to perform the Rosary, he said yes I know,  so he set me up with a booklet and a CD.  Gave me his blessing during the Eucharist and what a pretty church.

So the bible was a gift from Pastor Larson at Vashon Lutheran.  The Catechism a gift from Father Roach @ St John Mary Vianney- Vashon.Tonight Both the CD, instructions & Rosary were a gift from Father John @ SJV.

It was something to find the Rosary.  Have secretly wanted to learn it for a long time and had to leave the Lutheran Church to do it.  Feeling All rainbowy with Father John’s Blessing.

such an important painting.  every other version has empty plate, so what did they eat?  this nun painted a huge mural in the dinning hall of her convent.  she painted a lamb on Jesus’s plate.  Jesus is embracing Mary, that’s my favorite part.  -Nelli Plautilla

Piano Version

Two BFF’s said after reading some of this journal that it has made the grade and if it reaches one person in the right place, it’s worth it.  Asking Jon to learn the piano version with me.  If I can get him to pick up a guitar… He’s always moving that’s why at his age he’s just killing it, looks so good.  He did it. He sat down and I dashed for a guitar. He played it immediately and taught me it him only listening twice.  Then he made me play it on the guitar and I got it. But my hands were like magnets to the piano. The guitar, love it, but it makes me want to play the piano. Now I’ve dusted the piano, played a few notes. Waiting for him to come back and play it with me on guitar.   He only does that sometimes.


Landed the Thursday Meditation.

They have been doing it consistently for several years and for whatever reason, it’s Friday already and I missed it.  This Thursday was different.  I became very emotional. Lonely.

Maybe I’m over sedated.  I take this med that is in a circle without a score to cut in half.  Half in the am half in the pm.  When I try to cut it, it goes flying everywhere, so I’ve just been taking it at night or in a stressful morning full dose.  Part of my safety plan is to phone a friend on my list and tonight I called Carolyn. She moved out of state and I miss her terribly.

She’s married to this great guy who has Parkinson’s.  He’s an amazing photographer. He studied with Ansel Adams. Parkinson’s or not he’s still working.  Carolyn drives him everywhere he gets a feeling about new works, maybe it’s the light maybe it’s the darkness.

So I don’t bother her too much.  She’s been to the hospital with me. She’s asked emt’s to treat me well when I had to be transported to the hospital for a stupid ordeal.  It was father’s day so I thought I would take care of the recycling and loaded up the car.  It had a dead battery so I tried to double clutch it in reverse. So the way to do that going backwards down a hill is to have it in first gear, not reverse. Lesson learned.  The car was at the end of the driveway but with room to try and to this trip in the big truck.   Had to gun it a bit over a bump and then I when I put my foot to the brakes, nothing. Had to just hold the wheel and wait for the crash going backwards.  So I crashed my husbands truck into my husbands car and called Carolyn freaking out. I needed a tow truck because the vehicles were now blocking the street and I think Jon was in Colorado.  This  was after the other crash and back then my sentences were  backwards and I was not making sense so she came over to check on me, saw the mess and called an aid car.

We’re planning a visit soon.  I’m much calmer after talking with her. I cried and had to stop myself or she would have also cried.

I shifted and rattled off these ideas my counselor gave me.  Things no one ever told me before.  Then I took it to another level. Carolyn loved it, said I am the best writer she knows and asked me to write it all down again and publish it and send it to her, so here goes.

When anxiety is near:  General Statements

I’m going to be all right.  My feelings are not always rational.  I’m just going to relax calm down and everything will be all right.  Anxiety is not dangerous it’s just uncomfortable.  I am ok.  I’ll just continue w/what I’m doing or find something active to do.  Right now I have some feelings I don’t like.  They are really just phantoms, however, because I’ve named them they are disappearing. I always feel better when I take one and another deep breath.  I have often been successful recovering from stress. I will be ok.  right now I have feelings that feel crushing.  This will be over soon and I’ll be ok. For now I’ll just go on doing something else around me. That picture in my head is not healthy or rational.  Instead I’m going to focus on something healthy like exercise.  I’ve stopped my negative thoughts before and I’m going to do it again.  I am becoming better and better at deflecting these “Automatic Negative Thoughts” aka ANTS and that makes me happy. So I feel a little anxiety, SO WHAT. It’s not like it’s the first time.  I am going to take some nice deep breaths and keep on going.  This will help me get better. It’s sort of like a bad dream.  I want to make it go away.  I know I’ve done this before.  I’ve always been successful @ shifting my mood back to Bob Marley positive vibrations!  It’s likely I’ll be successful. I do feel better when I take a deep breath.  I want to be happy.  It’s likely that I will be happy when this dark cloud passes and it will. I’m sure of it.

Found a technological way out tonight. Listening to two songs at the same time turned the volume slightly down on the ocean playing krishna a little louder and it works and listening all night on repeat…wishing for a brain chip so things could click in a bit faster.


Carolyn’s response:  Reminded her of this…

GOD GAVE ME A WORD, by Rev. Amy Petrie Shaw
I was talking with God the other day, ‘cause we’re cool like that.
And God said “Hey, I want you to tell people something.”
And I was kinda busy, so I pretended like I didn’t hear.
And God poked me and said, “I ain’t kidding. Pay attention,”
(‘cause while we’re cool, we ain’t that cool
And I know when I have pushed it way too far.)
So I put down my coffee cup and I turned around.
And God said, “Let me hang a Word around your neck, so that Everyone can see it. And you better speak it when you’re out, ‘cause I’ll know if you don’t.
And it will be heavy,
So heavy,
On your soul.”
And a Word was hung around my neck to take out to the people standing in the streets.
A Word was preached into my ear and laid into my mouth and burned into my Heart until all I could see was the shape of the Word and the Word was all.
And the Word was Love.
And God said “Now get out because
You ain’t got all day, and that Word is gonna get heavier.
And you got some walking yet to do.
So I’m taking my Word out into the world.
Love came down on this green earth.
Love came down and turned over the tables and set the world on its end
Love made it clear that it was the Word for the poor and the broken hearted. For the queer boi and the angry girl.
Love was the Word for late night hookers and the long haul truckers, for the
heroin junkie and the runaway cutters.
Love was the Word for all of the f***ed up and pushed over and too tired and I can’t take no more.
Love was the Word for the HIV patient and the man with no papers.
Love was the Word for me and for you, for the saints and the sinners and the scramblers in between.
Love came down and made a way
for there to be a way
and then
Love said “We are never going back.”
(he who has ears let him hear)
Love said we are all a part of something bigger and if you cannot rise with us, if you
cannot Love with us
then you should get the Hell out of the way because
We ain’t going anywhere and you
are in the path.
(he who has ears let him hear)
Love came down for the World to know and
I’m holding out this Word so
even when you and God are just like that you can’t pretend you didn’t know.
I cannot put it down.
Not for a politician spewing hatred.
Not for a minister vomiting out bile in the costume of a saint.
Not for money or for country or for kin.
I’m holding my Word in my mouth
‘Cause the next time I see God I wanna be able to say “You gave me a Word and I carried it just the way you asked.”
You gave it to me and I took it.
I showed it to everyone I met.
You gave it to me and I showed it to her and gher and ze and him.
I showed it to them and they and those over there.
I never put it down.
(I can never put it down).
I was talking with God the other day, ‘cause we’re cool like that.
And God said “Hey, I want you to tell people something.”
And I was still kinda busy, so I pretended like I didn’t hear.
And God said, “I ain’t kidding. Pay attention,”
(‘cause while we’re cool, we ain’t that cool
And I know when I have pushed it way too far.)
So I put down my coffee cup and I turned around.
And then God gave me a Word.
And now I’ve given it to you.
Start moving.
Rev. Amy Petrie Shaw
On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 8:41 AM Carolyn Anderson  wrote:
Just read it and now I am crying! Love you to pieces bright soul. Keep swimming above water. If you take a dive down know that the dark is also beautiful but you must come up for air.
Xoxo xoxo


PNW Peace Chanting Thursdays @ 7pm

Wherever you are in the Pacific Northwest region, let us all take time to bring peace within ourselves, our environment and collectively radiate peace to the whole planet and beyond!

This is a great way to increase the collective consciousness for peace in our region and around the world.

  1. Light a candle at 7 PM (Pacific)
  2. Sit comfortably and close your eyes, chanting, “Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” which means, “May all beings in all the worlds be peaceful and happy”
  3. Continue chanting for 10 minutes
  4. Remain with your eyes closed and imagine the light of the candle as the divine light. Imagine the light pervading the whole universe. As the light falls on each being, visualize that they attain peace and become filled with divine love. Picture the whole universe filled with peace and love. See yourself as part of that universe, bathed in divine love and light.
  5. At the end of the prayer, chant “Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi” which means, “Peace, Peace, Peace.”


Embracing the World volunteers respond to Hurricane Harvey’s devastation Hurricane Harvey, one of the costliest and most damaging tropical storms in United States history, devastated many lives and rendered millions of people homeless, without access to adequate food, water, and basic resources. Beginning on August 25th, 2017, the hurricane ravaged Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, leaving destruction in its path.The Houston chapter of Embracing the World has been responding to this disaster as volunteers from the state of Texas. They are hand-delivering food, pet supplies and basic hygiene products to several shelters and churches across the Houston area. Supply kits containing baby wipes, feminine hygiene products and fresh water are being distributed in several locations, while fresh meals and packed lunches are being provided to families forced to leave their homes because of the storm.Embracing the World Silent Auction
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Check out the precious treasures at this link Embracing the World Auction, after September 9th.

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Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri, one of Amma’s senior disciples, is currently visiting North America. The programs include spiritual talks, bhajans (devotional singing) and one-day retreats. Swamiji is known for his captivating way of sharing experiences and profound spiritual insights gleaned from over three decades of life as Amma’s disciple. See more >>

September 10 :  MA Center Dallas
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September 12 :  MA Center Iowa
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September 14 : Minnesota
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September 21 – 23 :  Toronto, Canada (One-day Retreat on 23rd)
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Feeling Great Being A Former Smoker

It says that on my medical records now.  Former Smoker.  When I go to places where there are lots of people the smell of cigarettes wafts through the air of people’s breath and clothing. I was one of those people.  It’s been 4 weeks @ midnight.  August 8th my quit date. Still hiding at home away from friends who drink alcohol or coffee or soda and smoke cigarettes or weed, so that’s everybody.  Except my husband who does none of the above. Tired and sluggish from the meds but it’s worth it.  Gained weight but that’s an easy thing to address. Later. In fact I love the new curves.