Order Up

For four years in a row I’ve ordered winter boots from the same place on my birthday and every time my kids liked them.  Two times ordered Sorel’s that my kids ended up wearing and they still wear around horses, perfect muck boots.

Twice have passed on Sorel’s and ordered Uggs. Last year adding two pair of house slippers.  Both kids liked the slippers so much they kept them.  One was a free pair of house slippers, GWP that my daughter still wears. Noticed that her slippers have a tear.   The other were Ugg slippers that my son has worn out so much they have become stiff and grungy.

The Ugg boots I got last year have two rips in them and became permanently soggy, the shearling all smushed flat and used up.  Tried to seal one of the rips with gorilla glue and it left a big crunchy knob on the inside of the boot that rubbed my pinky toe but I dealt with it.

My new Ugg’s arrived today and when I put them on I sighed.  They were worth the wait. They are far more comfortable and warmer than the Sorel’s.  Immediately recognized that my kids would love them and that I may not be wearing them tomorrow. 15 minutes later called in another order for both kids, an upgrade from last year. Free two day air shipping. Each of them got the half boot, and that will keep their entire feet and ankles covered in warmth.

Like last year, got another pair of house slippers for my daughter, GWP.  This time in pink. Christmas is too far and winter won’t wait.  They have other boots to wear outside.  These are just for the house.  For their bedrooms. The warmest slippers for the coldest floors.   Bought all of the boots from the most unlikely place, would never have guessed, Victoria’s Secret.  Very happy with them, who knew?


…two hours later the boots were off my feet and as little man tried them on he made the “oooooo” sound.  he’s still wearing them.  told him he could wear them until his arrive in two days.  he said this time he’s going to wear socks with them because he wants them to stay fluffy.  he’s sentimental about the other ones.  loves them so much, wants to keep them anyway and kicked them under a chair in his room.  i was like, i know, i love Ugg’s too.





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