Nicotine Cessation Week 2

Laying low and keeping to myself mostly.  Lots of fluids.  Sometimes people cough when they quit and that hasn’t happened, yet.

Slept really well last night but had to use a space heater, it was so cold.  Heatwave?

Going to be a difficult week, because it’s race week.  Sailor here from Chicago I’m nice to him, but staying away.  Did not cook salmon for him this trip.  Too sedated. He’s a former smoker so he understands.

As for me nicotine was a way of self medicating for anxiety and now that I’m addressing anxiety in counseling that may not be an issue anymore.

Taking this so seriously I wrote a note:

My 5 reasons to quit smoking:

  1. To stay healthy for my family.
  2. To set a better example for my kids.
  3. It makes my family happy.
  4. Feels good to wear clothes that smell nice.
  5. Fresh Breath.

Once I even brought a pack of cigarettes to Amma asking her if she could help me quit.  She held me back like a  baby and fed me chocolate.  When I sat up she gave me a hug for Darshan and set me off with rose petals, a hershey’s kiss and an apple.

I think she knows I relapsed.  But I’m going to keep trying. Certainly I have quit drinking.  Next to go is marijuana, actually I don’t smoke very much anymore and the correct meds work much better.  Again I think I was self medicating.  Finally the underlying issues are healing up.  Will continue all follow up visits with treatment care providers.                  IE:  Counseling and Art Therapy and regular med checks for all of next year.  A good start.



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