New old stove

Even if built in the 30’s it’s new for this old house. It’s this 30’s electric stove I would like to say goodbye to.  Or have rewired.

Have been asking him to just think about it.  I think he held off to make sure I’m committed.  When I asked him last night I was looking at the door frame between the dining and living room.  It has both empty hinges and curtain rod holders.

In 1900 there were actually three woodstoves for the mainfloor.  Of course now there’s just one.  Like heating a barn with a candle. The one in the kitchen had an elbow pipe that also heated the dining room.  Hence the old hinges to the living room.

Today he offered both as an idea.  Woodstove with aside electric.  The kitchen and I have not ever been friends.  Maybe two days a year in the summer.  If we were to pull back the linoleum that old man ernisee installed 60 years ago, it would reveal original fir floors painted barn red.



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