My Little Chickadees

When I was little my Grandfather used to keep a 50 gallon can of birdseed to feed them all winter.  I became very close to them.  I used to love scooping up birdseed from the can and run out there and play with them. They were tame, it took years to be that tame.  Never thought it would happen again.  But it has.  Today two of them stopped my car as I was pulling in.  I had to fully stop and they wanted me to see them.  They were thirsty.  So it was all this drama to get water to them.  Took about an hour.  I could hear them all over talking to each other watching me.  Then they got so happy when I got the fountain running again for them.  One sat on the fountain, another flew under the water I sprayed onto the blackberry bushes for them.  Friends Forever.

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