more community feedback

Went uptown and met a cashier who chatted it up for a second while waiting for my order.  We introduced eachother and he asked me if I lived here. We agreed that it’s a great place to begin and raise a family.  He asked how old my kids were and when I said thier names again there was this great big sunshine smile.  He’s known all of them for years, Savannah since she was little, knows her dad, nice guy.  It was nice, mentioned Tasho went fishing in Mexico with Chris and more big smiles.  Said he sees my daughter working up town all the time and that they are really great people.

Came home and asked Cedar about him.  She nodded, Yeah, she said they get a lot of love and support from the community.

There was another time at the pharmacy when the owner took a minute and remarked on how well behaved the kids were at the memorial concert.  They sat in the front row and watched with interest.  Jon was playing violin and we were supporting him.  Jonny at one point leaned over onto my lap to rest. My pharmacist thought that was absolutely amazing and what a good mom.  He was like how did you do that? He said there was no way he would have taken his kids to a program like that.  (they were promised a new xbox.)




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