Learning about Gabapentin

This is the drug I met last year.  While I have switched out anti depressants and have been on/off others, I have taken this drug daily.  When I first tried it I remember waking up and feeling like I had slept like I did when I was a child and not being able to remember how long it had been since I felt that way.  Then I was angry that an MD hadn’t prescribed it immediately following the car crash.

There were a few times when it seemed to no longer be working and the dosage was increased.  So instead of taking 300mg am/pm, by the end of a year I was taking 600mg am/noon/pm.  It is an interesting drug I remember mentioning to my doctor that I hadn’t noticed a difference in increasing it and I thought that with this kind of drug, less is more.

Months went by and then the pot shop opened.  Marijuana is the other drug that I’ve taken faithfully over the last year as there haven’t been any contra indications.  Found new stuff and it was great.  Like the first time.  In fact without realizing it, I quit reaching for the Gabapentin.  There weren’t any panic attacks.  That was the other reason big reason I liked Gabapentin.  Two reasons, the quality of life sleep improvement and it’s action that stops panic attacks and actually those are the same reasons for the marijuana use and it’s great for ptsd.

Well that Christmas weed was so stoney I quit taking the Gabapentin unconsciously.  Not on purpose.  But then today I took it again but different.  300mg every 5 hours.  This after learning it has a 5-7 hour half life.  Still works out to be 5 a day but it’s continual and consistent and it’s working again.

Even if I nap for just an hour or two it feels like 10.




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