Knife on school bus


Guess this kid has been bringing a secret black box to school for a month.  Turns out it was a quick release butterfly knife or something like it.  Prior to this there were other incidents, bullying.  My husband Jon put it in writing and sent copies to bus garage and school.  It was quiet for a while but not for long.

Yesterday the bully tried to take backpacks and the younger boys weren’t having it.  So the bully said, “wanna see what’s in this box?”  He opened it and as he pulled the knife across my 11 year old sons face he asked “have you ever felt cold hard steel across your face before?”  Leaving a 2-3 inch scratch on my sons face.

Called police, bus garage. Called Jon. Called Jonny’s counselor.  Called his friend’s dad, who also spoke to the police and his son who witnessed what happened. Bus garage called school.  Someone called the police again with an address.  Bus garage called back.  Police went to speak with the family and bus garage manager called back again. He will be on the bus tomorrow to make sure the bully doesn’t try to ride the bus again as he has been kicked off the bus permanently and now we await the ugly fallout. Officer took photo of the knife mark on my sons face,  asked if we wanted to prosecute we said Yes. There have been too many tragedies on island. We’re not letting this go.

My son’s depression had just started to improve.

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