Kid Peer Feedback

Stopped at gas station tonight and one of the kids group, Brian was talking with the cashier.  Brian asked if I got a new car and I said no, it’s kind of Tasho’s.  Brian laughed like whatever, kind of. So I said it’s really Tasho’s, but he’s in Mexico with Savannah.  Then the cashier chimed in.  You’re Tasho’s mom?  And also Cedar’s mom?  His face lit into this big confused and then sunshine smile and then an emotional outburst, You’re a great mom!

Then he introduced himself as Alex.  I replied by saying, I dunno about that I’ve made some big mistakes.  He cut me off, No you didn’t it.  Your kids are awesome! Then I replied, well I freaked out when Rj died.  He cut me off again, So did everyone.  Then I said well I REALLY freaked out.  He said, So did the whole island…everyone REALLY freaked out.  Then he said he grew up with Rj and knew my kids through hanging out with him.

When I got home asked Cedar about him and she nodded.  I giggled and said he told me a story about Savannah hitting him in forehead with a rock hidden in a toy octopus.  We both laughed, not because of what she did, but it’s the way he staggers his words while speaking. He’s silly like Jeff Spicoli. She said he’s friends with Emmet and I had a flash back about making a Vashon Court appearance, following Emmet.

I remember the judge was sort of freaking out and staring at him while reading that he ran over a recent road memorial for someone and hit the same tree.  Then when I went up the judge was sort of freaking out and staring at me with her mouth open like she had stared at Emmet.   I wanted to tell her about what happened at my house the night Rj died, Emmet was there with the huge tribe of kids. That he was playing about a girl on a guitar and that the piano began playing by itself and everyone freaked out.

She was a visiting judge.  I was appearing for theft and criminal mischief charges resulting from my art slamming a dumb ass guns & ammo sign a block away from the high school.  The sign featured Yosemite Sam firing a hand gun into the air and I painted his arm and gun off, disarming him and then gave the sign back after calling the number on the sign and personally telling him what I did to his sign, that now it had peace symbols on it, why and that he was an embarrassment to his profession.   Seriously, if a massage therapist has to post their license number when advertising so should gun & ammo sellers so as not to be confused with prostitutes.

She kept using the words This Community.  I was like let me tell you something about this community.  The parents who leave out their loaded guns for their kids with untreated depression.  REALLY, let me tell you about the high rate of youth suicides linked to gun violence.  That we in this community were living through a traumatic crisis affecting many families. That the man who owned the gun sign recently bragged in the paper that he was also a gun safety instructor on the island and at least one of the said youth suicides was his own client. That I had been grieving so badly over one such suicide, Rj Ontiveros. That Emmet whom she had just met, was RJ’s best friend.




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