It’s On.


Kids are there and back already.  Had epic time.  Well except for one of them getting run over.  Hit and run style by a skier.  Guess she scorpion tailed.  She was sitting it out and crying some that the person didn’t bother to check her ok.  But these other nice guys did.  People circled around her through the worst of it when she began cursing in tears.  It made people hold back giggles because it was listening to a child hurl their first swear words, they all knew she didn’t mean it, she was just hurt.  One of the nice guys said, Yeah that sucks, it really does. My daughter said she knew her friend didn’t mean it, she didn’t know how to articulate feelings like that, it never happened to her before.  They were just words that her family says around the house.  She’s never heard her friend speak like that before and she was ok, it was still pretty funny.  Shockingly innocent.


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