In a pinch

Last night before sleep Mr asked me to check his eye for foreign objects, ie metal shaving.  Got my granny glasses and a strong flashlight and found it.  Sat back and together we thought about it.  I drew him a picture and then got up to wash my hands with antiseptic soap.  When I asked him when it happened he said 3 days ago.   Omg, why didn’t he say anything?  What I saw in his eye was stuck because of it.  He said he was working in the garage and Bam!  Hot metal shaving in his eyeball.  Not unlike being stung in the eyeball by a gigantic wasp I suppose, because the shaving was much larger than a bee stinger.

We talked and I said there wasn’t anything in the first aid kit for this.  Nothing.  I doubted even rinsing his eye.  Of course the clinic was closed and no urgent care here on the rock.  He refused to let me drive him to the ER but said he would go to the Eye Doctor.  I said I thought it was way past that and he needed an md and a nurse.  He agreed to let me drive him to the doctor in the morning.  Then he asked, “What about a magnet?”  We went back and forth with toy magnets until I found the smallest and strongest refrigerator magnet and washed it thoroughly.

Passed the magnet as close to the shaving in his eye as possible without touching it.  The challenge was keeping his eye open and making him either hold his eye open or hold the flashlight.  He was done within a few minutes, he couldn’t tolerate it and asked me to tape his eye shut for the night.  So I did and we went to bed.  When he woke he asked me to check it again because he thought it was gone. Checked and it indeed was gone.  Only a tiny dent like spot remained where the shaving had been.  It worked.  The magnet worked. He said last night what he was feeling was the shaving moving back and forth and being drawn out like a sliver and he couldn’t stand it, but it was enough to free it.

This for repairing a wheel barrow.  Yes he forgot safety glasses and I didn’t have to say anything but couldn’t help shake a finger at him.  Now I have to let it go.  That’s always how it is.  Deal with it and then later shudder over it.




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