If My Words Did Glow

My favorite dream and ever since I can feel it.  His birthday and when he died.  It was the dream that started it.  Best dream ever.

I was walking along a river and there was this little path and I followed it away from the river.  After a while I saw a cabin and began to walk over to it.  There was a deck that faced the river and there were three empty rocking chairs, rocking in the wind.  Looked down at my hand on the hand rail and when I looked back up, there was Joseph Campbell and Jerry Garcia, fishing.     (tired, more later on what they said to me, ps, I caught the golden fish.)

Only saw them once in Berkeley at The Greek when I was living in the commune.  That was later raided but that’s another story.



The concert was an anomaly.  There are no records of it or recordings. The line up was The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty.When Bob Dylan performed first he played Everyone Must Get Stoned then he played How Does It Feel?





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