I love Milo.

Day one of taking him on a long walk.  Picked him up at his house and he was happily surprised.  He’s awesome on a lead, did not pull me one time.  Broke through my fear of the coyotes on the south end.  All I had in my back pack was gatorade and we stopped several times to drink it.  Can’t believe it. He drank it from my hand and still licked the bottle.  I was so thirsty I didn’t care and drank from the bottle anyway.  We walked about 2 miles and by the end of it he was tired, luckily my husband drove by and picked us up.  Will only be able to walk him a mile or it will be too difficult for him.  So much for running with him, his legs are just too short.   It got me off my ass, didn’t smoke a cigarette till I got home for coffee. Tomorrow I’ll run solo. Scrambling for music to take with me.



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