He never did cash my check.


Spoke with him for a long time while he was walking The Trail Of Tears in meditation during the Yankton Hog Farm Protests.

There was a Native who worked in law enforcement who quit because he refused to arrest Natives.  Jon and I tried to wire cash and when the man arrived at the bank, he realized he had forgotten his wallet with his ID back at home.  We were talking to the teller at the bank while the man was standing right there in front of the teller but the teller refused to give him the cash we were wiring. He was hours away and the bank would close before he was able to drive home and return.  Ended up calling Dennis Banks to figure out a way to open an emergency bank account, this was before “crowd funding” or “live streams”.  We were not able to set it up but Jon and I did send a check that was never cashed.  It was for gas money, Dennis Banks needed gas money to attend the “protest” which really was a call to action gathering of activists from all over. Like I said we did talk for a long time.  He exclaimed his surprise that a white woman on an island on the west coast knew what was happening.  That gave him hope.  He also said that he was ashamed of the casino’s on reservations that weren’t supporting this or similar Native protests.

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