Grief Group@Vashon Youth and Family Services.

It was something suggested to me a little over a year ago when I left the hospital.  That and DBT.

The DBT group was in Seattle and although there was a woman who was helping me try to attend, I couldn’t do it.  Mostly because of the commute expenses, on top of program expenses, that didn’t include child care or travel time away from needy family.  That and I was on stronger drugs back then and really needed a driver.

It’s not like I wasn’t looking for a grief group, there just weren’t any to be found.  Until now, group actually began in December.  Had I known I would have been there, the holidays are extremely difficult with the loss of loved ones.  Of course I attended as soon as I was aware of it.  In fact the thing I found most helpful about hospitalization were the groups.  The groups, hands down.

Managed to brush my teeth, that’s it.  Wore pj’s and unbrushed hair.  Walked in a half hour late.  Got the times wrong, post concussion syndrome.  Still it was 45 minutes of clean pain.

Learned that our tears are chemically different every time we cry.  Some science to back up the recovery process.

My daughter said I should go shopping and get new clothes and get dressed and brush my hair and I sighed.  That’s going to take a credit card.    Then she said if 2010 me saw me she would slap me.  Maybe after a month of group I’ll feel like walking into a salon again.  She smiled, we smiled and that’s where we left it.






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