Funny Bunny

Our rascal is about 6 months old now.  Big fun for such a little creature.  He’s moved into my bedroom full time now.  My daughter wasn’t having as much success with box training him. Didn’t like the hay all over her floor.

Makes noise in his little bunny hutch when he wants the door open or closed. Loves his little house.  Fond of sitting under chairs but doesn’t like the stairs.

Has been working on his little race track around the room. Tries to move new things out of the way when set down on his little path. Surprised he is unafraid of the dogs. Hops right up to them and sits down.  Doesn’t run from them, so they haven’t chased him, yet.

A friend was over yesterday and was like, “So is it like a cat or a dog?”   Well it’s box trained like a cat.  Gives kisses like a dog.  Runs up to us when we say Bunny.  But it also chews on shoes & wool sweaters. Yeah like a puppy I guess.  Likes to chase the bird away from its bird seed.  Bonds to people more like a dog. More like a dog than a cat, final answer.

So far his name is just Bunny.  It’s hard to name a pet with heart shaped eyes.  He’s way cuter than thumper. Bigger attitude. Lots of jumps with all four feet in the air.




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