2016- Crew-  2nd Place in Division:  Classics Long Course






Ken Johnson, Don Kimball, Jon Knudson, Victoria- Cpt & Crew honored in perpetuity @ Swiftsure International.

August 2015, Ken Johnson crewed to Cuba on Fortunate Sun, took 5th place.

Vashon CREW 2016/2017 Olympia Yacht Club Awards Ceremony/ First Time A Boat From Vashon Island was represented on The South Sound Series Trophy.  They let Jon keep it in his law office for a year.  Danny Ray, Randy Sonnier, Jon Knudson, Korina Knudson and our son, little man.


^raced the Swiftsure-2nd, then the Chicago Mac- took a 1st! Cpt says well done, a very difficult and incredible achievement.





2017 Poster For Swiftsure International featuring 2016 Crew of Korina Korina Vashon, WA.  *More than half of the crew are from British Columbia.

2017 Crew- 1st Place In Division:  Classics Long Course- 3rd Overall.   Congratulations Crew!

Swiftsure Wayback 2009 CREW

The trophy center:  1st in Division, Swiftsure Classics Race, Long Course- 2014/2015  The lantern was won finishing last but within the time limit in a year without wind. (? year)





Thank you, Korina. Ben Braden saw photo and commented the lead is a little too far aft. Note guy in photo reaching for magic box string to pull it forward after someone kicked it out of cleat. Ben owns a Moore 24 and talks to Per regularly., but usually only when we screw up. JK