Clicker Training Milo Today

He’s motivated and just so willing to please and happy hear the YES and then the CLICK then a treat.  We only did it for a few minutes but he understands.  Getting him to understand how to lay down was difficult.  Also to stay.  We worked on that with concentration. He’s a watcher.  First I just took a few steps away, then I left the room, then I went downstairs and he stayed until I called for him.  He was hesitant to move until he heard the clicker.  He makes it look easy.

Woke in lots of pain and stiffness from that walk yesterday.  Starting over at one mile a day until it no longer hurts, then adding miles. Taking Milo with me.  Dave and I talked about it. I asked him to share Milo with me to go walking and that I want to be his auntie.  Dave said yes.  Happy Day.  Again tomorrow, yeah.  Can’t wait to take them to the beach.

Bow Wow Wow Yippio Yippia Bow Wow  Yippio Yippia.

Milo is responding happily to the sound of the clicker, he’s learned that he’s done well.  Lots of positive reinforcement.  Took both dogs to the beach and man did they run.  A private beach, let them go for it off leash.  They ran and ran and ran and ran. Then they went swimming. Milo is a very graceful swimmer.  He and Buddy stayed together, Milo let Buddy lead them.  Sweet dogs.  Had to shower them down with the hose when we returned. They are now crashed out and no longer rowdy.


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