Caramels and Klonopin

Week 4 of Smoking Cessation.   Taking the patches off at night as directed, waiting a half hour if I can before putting on another in the morning, then the gum,  then hard candy. Not snappy at people at all I think because of the Prozac.  Said I would never take Klonopin again, but I changed my mind it’s only temporary and it is helping with the anxiety induced nicotine triggers.  Therapy helps to own the triggers so they don’t pop up like a jack in the box.

Everything tastes and smells better.  My family is happy and supportive.  Really happy. 

These are the last few days of 21mg patches then I drop to 14 mg patches for a while then drop again to 7 mg.  It’s a several month transition.

In a much better position to quit then before.  Lots of therapy and practicing mindfullness and meditation.  I kept thinking I can’t quit until I dump the triggers.  Worked through lots of stuff in this last year.  It would have been very difficult and I doubt I would have made it this far without counseling, nicotine replacement and the meds for mental health- mood stabilization- critical.

My energy levels are increasing and I’m breathing so much better, what a relief. It’s so nice to be up on my feet and creating art and walking the dogs for exercise.  More on exercise as my breathing patterns level.  Am doing gentle yoga and PT.  Taking it very easy.


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