at first light

Did you hear that tree come down a while ago?  No.  What tree?  Well I don’t know but it sounded like the biggest tree in the forest and the house shook.  It made this horrible sound like it was ripped apart and then a long fall and (fake explosion sound). He asked where and I said everywhere.

How could you sleep through that?  It must have been right before the alarm clocks.  But don’t go out yet, the wind is still too loud.  Wait a few minutes until it’s light.

When he came back in I asked if he found it, I heard him move a car.  He said the tree was by the wood shed.  My face was blank.  Did it hit my bike?  He said it hit Grandpa’s old hoopdi.  He said the tree fell “in an unusual way.”  He can say that again.  What the hell?  It’s like, well, like it was turned around like a big fork in a huge plate of spaghetti.  It didn’t just split and fall.  It twisted split and fell.  If the trunk is split on the south side, one would think that’s where it fell, but no, it fell north.  Not only that, when it broke apart it landed in three different pieces, it also hit the garage. Had it just split and fell it could have hit the house in fact very easily where I was sleeping.  Even what’s left of the trunk has a twist in it.


The whole house shook.  I guess I opened my eyes for a second and listened to see if it actually hit the house and I fell back asleep. Damn, I loved that car.

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