Missed it

Again.  Drawing class. It was last night.  Week one missed both nights.  Cringe worthy.

Did other things like pulled all the couch covers and put them through the laundry. Surprised when I put them back on and they hadn’t shrunk and the zippers didn’t break.  The for certain test of my mental state is pulling back the couch cushions.  No mushed food, legos, xbox controllers, watches, flashlights or batteries.

It was really nice drawing at the park, must have gotten some of that out of my system.  I’m positive just that little bit of drawing increased my productivity in other ways.  Watched lots of video docs on my favorite artists.  Much less expensive and boring than sitting in a lecture on art history.  Not once in art school was there mention of the use of curved lenses and mirrors in 1420 to create full color photographic projections that were traced for portraits.  (they cheated.  paint by numbers, that’s all it is.) Knowing that, it’s interesting to hear the art professors that don’t know, drone on about the work of that period.

This drawing thing was supposed to be a 5 week study.  Now it’s a 4 week study.  No pressure. None at all.



Historically Yours, Marshall Sohl Jr

Found the Vashon Island Papers given to me June 30, 1997 & July 3, 1997 in Burton @ Cafe Nautica.  He’s written notes all over a series of papers and such beautiful handwriting, notes from 1920 and three signed maps that he made, copies yet signed them. A colorful senior, bent way over carrying a walking stick and backpack.    

One of them is titled:  The Lost World of Maury-Vashon Isles  Indian Historical Map.  It is this map he made with little boxes around the border with stories and coded to locations on Vashon-Maury. There are a total of 25 notations.

ie:  1.  Glacier Recedes Indians en Isle Enjoy Paradise 11,000 B.C. (now the ferry dock, south end.)

2.  Spirit Lake Maiden Angry Devil Monster Underground Many Moons Ago. (@ Lost Lake today)

3.  Snake People Attack Sawababc Swiftwater Kwilut Village.  #3 is located where Dockton Park is today.

8.  Remains of Longhouse Isle Chief (frontbeach), Now Governor’s Mansion.

The other is a small map but large hand printed document titled:  The Attack of the Snakes.  Related by Charles Sotai’akum.  Born 1835 Cedar River Duwamish Indian.  The Interpreter James Goudy, a Snohomishi-Skagit Indian.  Recorded by Arthur C. Ballard.  Born 1876 Died 1962 Auburn.   Noted are The Indian file at the Vashon Library and it looks like the word Anthropology @ UW.  (My short version:  The Snake People were a tribe of shapeshifters, from the then Indian village now named Des Moines. Canoed over with Lizard Woman who landed stern first and all the snakes slithered out of the canoe, asked for directions and wiped out a village leaving only one crying woman and her peeps.  The crying woman knew that snake the swiftwater man killed was actually a prince and she was the only one who felt bad so they let her live. )

Lizard Woman and the Snake People enroute to war on Vashon-Maury Island from Des Moines.  Historically it would have read The Staq on White Rock, canoed to Taco Island. Apparently Lizard Woman was the mother of the slain snake person on Vashon and she did not step out of the canoe when the war party landed. 

Oh lovely, what a surprise.  That house that we lived in on the spit between Vashon/Maury was a burial ground. It says:  Burial Grounds.  Canoes Suspended Aloft In Madrona Grove.  We rented it for a year, didn’t stay long., it was um, active.  Moved over to Dockton, to another spot on this map where there was a small pox epidemic, first in 1830 & again 1884. Again we didn’t stay long, great views, both places, really cheap rent, lol.