The Happiest Woman

While in the elevator a hotel usher guy was wheeling in a cart and I was cornered by the wall of buttons and had to push everyone’s floor buttons.  I just giggled and kept pushing buttons.  A minute of chit chat and these big sunny smiles.  He asked how the weekend went and I said, I’m just so Happy, it was awesome, I’m glowing with it.  He was like, Yeah, that’s awesome, I can feel it! And he left the lift.

Did whatever I was doing and then went back into the elevator to my room.  Up a floor and there was dude again and a woman with a babe in arms.  They both smiled as big as the world and looked at me.  She asked, Are You The Happiest Woman?  I smiled and looked at dude.  She said,  Well he said he just saw the Happiest woman a few minutes ago.  Yes, that was me.

She said Amma’s happiness is contagious isn’t it?  That’s right, it is.

Getting ready to drive back home to island and I just have to say the hotel transformation was incredible to witness.  Haven’t seen any other Amma people, they are all in San Ramon now.  But the hotel?  In case anyone wondered what kind of event would follow hers?  Well the conference rooms are full with another seminar, many groups and recovery centers here for:  Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders.  AWESOME LOVE AND COMPASSION.  Bet they don’t even know what went down here 24 hours before.  Walked by the rooms and saw people smiling and hugging each other.  Pretty Cool.

Devi Bhava!

We made it!  Jon raced and then sailed home and I met him at the dock, flew to the hotel and then he met us here at the Hyatt in Bellevue.  Jon, Jonny and I went up for Darshan together!

First little man, then Jon and then I and then us all together.  I just remember sobbing and having my hand on Jon’s back while she gave him Darshan.  When I looked at her I was just crying so hard.  I had these used up tissues and I kept trying to dry my tears for her.  She stopped traffic!  Asked for tissues and she washed away all of my tears, held me and said, My Daughter, My Daughter, My Daughter… I was thinking Mama, Mama, Mama, all I could keep saying to her was THANK YOU!

Then she dotted my forehead and Jon’s too!  We stepped back dazed and all of dropped to our knees and dropped our foreheads all the way down to the ground.

Then be still my beating heart, both Jon and Jonny went for their Mantras!


*sitting during the Atma Puja, water was distributed to all who attended- there was a family of westerners seated in front of me. when the water was passed to them, they drank it immediately and it was just as they announced, “Please do not drink it yet.” The family gulped and looked like UH OH, then as if on cue, the next announcement “And if you drank it, That’s OK.” We all giggled.

Family Day

A very strange thing happened yesterday. Met two friends at the same location, that I haven’t seen in 7 years, both from off island and they hadn’t met each other before.  So it was like catching up on 21 years in 5 minutes. It was beautiful and wow and surreal.

Really enjoying spending a quiet weekend with everyone.  The kids are awesome.  Was able to spend time with each son this morning.  Feeling the love.  They are all so different but the same about certain things, they are very good to the women in their lives, respectful and their boundaries are solid. As brothers they are great friends.

My friend from the city and my son’s girlfriend finally met.  Knew they would like each other.  Yoga instructors.  Heather, from the city, has known these kids since babes so it’s like a visit from Auntie. Having fun. Missing my daughter, but she’s having fun at camp with friends.








On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

136 boats in a swarm, lol.

Just watching the Long Course/Classics Race.

Currently Neptune’s Car is a bit further.  The start there is slow, it’s in a place beyond the wind.  Then nearer Race Rocks, wind.  Once we went between them, literally between the rocks instead of going around.  We were in the T-10, it was insane.  Very windy and choppy and the rocks made it something from Pirates. Had to heel to not hit the keel. Weird tide and all that.

Last night he said it looked like it would be a Driftsure.  That’s much more difficult.       Once there was a year without wind and 2/3 of the entire fleet dropped. Jon was on the long course and finished on time.  He’s like that. Separates him from the pack. It was sad and beautiful at the same time.  It was something to just finish.  In fact that year they gave him an honorary trophy for finishing on time, it was a Red Lantern. I think he crossed with 5 minutes left on the clock.

I love Neptune’s Car and her owner, he’s really a beautiful soul.  What a gentleman.  Spent some time on the boat with he and his crew and I just remember he had an awesome collection on his Itunes.  We sat around singing Neil Young and The Beatles until I had to sleep. Our boats were parked together so I only had to walk up a ladder, over the side, one step on the dock and another onto our boat and back down the ladder to sleep. Good Times. And Actually our boats were tied together that year so I didn’t even have to step on the dock. Just up a ladder over the stantions and down a ladder, lol.

And Dragonfly, they are the nicest guys.  We saw them at the Olympia Yacht Club recent awards ceremony.  They have a very funny award.  It’s for the Toliva Shoal race.  During that race when someone runs aground on the shoals and has to DNF, they call it something, I forget.  But what they do is give the boat an award that they have to keep until another boat runs aground during the race.  Now I can’t forget if Dragonfly received the award or finally got to give it away to the next guy, but it was funny. If it could happen to them, it could happen to anyone.  Seriously, that is Seattle’s hottest and fastest and most beautiful boat ever.  Once during a race I saw them full on cartwheel.  They are very hard core and the only boat ahead of them is Smoke and I know nothing of the vessle.  Soon all the boats will separate more clearly onto different courses.

Race Results:

Confusing, ten boats, 3 divisions on the long course.

Neptune’s Car my fave, got the gun.  An hour and 20 minutes or so in front, on elapsed time, AWESOME.

Across the finish line it went Neptune’s Car, Tatoosh, Rage and Korina Korina. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Tatoosh won the entire thing on corrected time.

Big Boats:  Neptune’s Car, Rage were in Division 1. That’s 1st  & 2nd.

Tatoosh was in Division 2, with Korina Korina & Hana Mari. That’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Wasn’t watching division 3.

Dragonfly, my fave multihull, raced the Cape Flattery Multihull.  First to round. First to finish.  By nearly 3 hours.