April Showers

Feel so bad for my husband and all the things he missed out on, even if he doesn’t.  His family didn’t make May Day Baskets or pick flowers or make wreaths, decorate the front door or even clean up the yard and have a bonfire.  Asked him if noticed how barns are painted in Norway, he’s seen them but didn’t know what that was about. Asked him about Vulcans and he didn’t know who they were.  As kids, we were afraid of them.  They dressed in red like devils with shoe polish all over their faces.  Women hated them, they would run around in a pack and grab women and rub their shoe polish faces all over the women’s faces.  Like drunk hockey players.

The mark started in 1940. The mark was originally imparted on ladies of the realm as a sign of their willingness to demonstrate their allegiance to the Vulcans and to forsake forever Boreas and his followers. In more recent times, the mark has been extended to male members of the population in this manner; a Krewe member will draw a “V” on the cheek or forehead of the individual.

That was part of the winter carnival, but in the spring we went to the Tree Of Life pageant.  I might as well be speaking another language. Nevermind. My grandparents were farmers.  My grandparent’s parents were farmers. At my house if someone dropped a fork in the kitchen that meant company was coming, it’s hard to explain.  And pennies on window sills.  I don’t know why.  When anyone dropped a penny they set it on the window sill.   Oh and we went to Bouja’s on the river.  Another thing he hadn’t ever heard of.  A harvest festival, French Canadian, I guess that makes it Cajun. (the Spanish deported the French Canadians, shipped them in their Spanish ships to New Orleans and then forced them up the river to defend from the British, sound about right?) We brought gallons of soup home to freeze for the winter… VS Gumbo and I suppose that would be Creole which one might think was Spanish but both are actually French.  He said his family was even more hard core.  They had Norweigan “Fish Bowl’s”, doesn’t sound very good. Neither does frog legs. 

Anyway, on May Day there was and will be a parade through the city to Powderhorn park.  There is a little lake with a little island in the center.  Every year community gathers to welcome sun.  Sun sits out on the island.  As the parade arrives to the park, particpants sit on the hill side and then chant SUN.  The regatta paddles the giant sun puppet to the hill side and everyone cheers.  Then there is a huge party.  Lots of music and food and it’s usually over by sunset.

If you think Isle wilde is cool, well you haven’t seen The Heart Of The Beast.  In fact, that’s where IsleWilde came from.  In the form of Beast artists who moved to Vashon.  So there.

Jon asked me what happened to Islewilde.  Long pause.  Short answer, our kids grew up.  Their dad was in Hoi Polloi and they performed The Animal Farm at the park, next to the library.  Their dad was Snowball and it was probably too scary for them. Not just the puppets, but the sets and use of lighting and there were professional musicians on sound. They had a soundtrack.

He asked how we did it. All the community choreography, the music and performance? It starts with inspiration and there’s something about letting it all go, all the intentions, all of everything opens up as it’s given away.  That’s the magic of it.  What it becomes. None of us know.  Islewilde 20 years ago- we held dream retreats.  We would camp and sleep in a circle and dream together.  In the morning we circled up and shared ideas. weaving community stories.  We went home and went to work.  Where we differed from the beast is having an art camp to create all the art for the parade.  One person led a mask making workshop, someone else created paper lamps.  Over the course of the workshops we held rehearsals and then the event.  Islewilde still meets in the summer, its heart is still beating. Oh I wish I could find footage of the paper lantern processions.  All the little children dancing like fireflies in a long winding spiral…

3 New Mental Health Care Hospitals


About three pounds of brains, which compartmentalize our human existence into a 3D interpretation of the cosmos with just 2% of said gray matter, say 2T of brain liquid, responsible for determining what is or isn’t reality.


http://www.theolympian.com/news/business/article147134069.html  confusing article. two apps, one approved, thurston county? 75 Beds.

http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/jan/03/spokanes-new-psychiatric-hospital-will-help-meet-s/  opening spring 2018. 100 Beds.

http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/business/article55006385.html  opening 2018.  23 Beds.

and back in September 2016 this grant made lots of good things happen for families in several counties.

Washington announces $14M for new psychiatric facilities


25 Years Later

My God what kind of scars does that leave?  I haven’t examined it myself and when I reached for the pen, to write, I have to scrape it against those scars to sharpen that point.  Maya Angelou

UM, Does Sessions Know This?


The week in weed, Wow.  There is some good news from Tacoma.  Had to call for a quick medical weed update.  First they were a medical dispense.  Then medical dispenses were closed.  Then retail stores opened.  Then medical weed became available at retail stores.  So basically, they had to close, re-open as retail, rebuy the medical weed permit and now they are doing what they were in the first place.  Medical weed available, but, it was not supposed to be taxed, so it’s not taxed by the city but the 37% triple tax still applies.  There is even a strain of CBD RSO.  Ten years ago, nfw. But, so, now seeds and plants are no longer available at dispenses.  So now, patients have to wait for the growers, but now there is another name for growers, to secure their newly needed licenses to open their doors to sell seeds and plants, for medical weed only.  So even with an authorization, medical weed people have no place to buy the seeds to grow their own plants. If they did continue to grow at home during the switch, they are set.  By the way in Oregon, anyone can grow 4 plants at home.  Somewhere there is a new law on the books here in WA, like the 4 plant law,  that’s the direction this is taking in terms of recreational use. It’s just slow growing.  Oh I and almost forgot. Everything is different but the same in terms of strain.  My favorite medical weed was Cotton Candy.  The good news is that Cotton Candy will be back on the shelves tomorrow, from the same grower as before but now available for retail customers.  Willie Nelson’s Alien Rift-Awesome.  3.5 grams @ $33.00  Really there is no difference between medical weed and recreational weed strains, quality or products.  The only difference is in terms of weed quantity. Medical weed patients can grow up to 15 plants with letter of need from doctor.  They can possess more ounces of weed also.  But who consumes more than an ounce at a time?  If someone wanted I suppose they could go from pot shop to pot purchasing an ounce at a time.  Who needs that much weed?  I just really like the 4 plant law in Oregon.   A harvest of at least an ounce, scheduled every 3 weeks.  The only problem is that plants die by different causes so it’s probably better for a patient to grow more stand by plants I guess.   Everyone’s price break is different.

Anyway  we kicked it all around and the truth is that growing is very tedious and expensive.  Bottom line, it’s cheaper for me to be recreational.   The price of rollies came down from $10.00 to $5.00, same weed as last August.

O My Gosh, reading the menu.  Found:

Bigfoot Infused Joint 0.67g by Boggy Boon

33.3% THC 0.4% CBD  $15.00 One

Yeti Infused Joints 0.67g by Boggy Boon

39.2% THC 0.4% CBD

That’s another thing.  Quality control.  These strains are tested constantly for mold, mildew, mites.  We can ask or look up what kind of grow conditions, pesticides, etc. Snap.

Painful Conversations With Uneducated Friends.

It was a flashback conversation that ran through my mind when taking my meds today.  A friend and I were taking a sauna.  I can’t even remember what we talking about when I suddenly questioned if she was talking about me or someone else.  She smiled like, ha ha.

She needed to vent about people on meds.  How awful a life to not be able to leave the house without them.  Certainly that trip I was on anti-depressants and back then and either Xanax, Ativan, or Klonopin.

Her opinion was that the drugs don’t work, make people change into different people and that changes friendships.  People who take them are taking a way out of dealing with the same things everyone else has to face in life.  No special treatment, just saying.

I worry about forgetting things yet I live in a world where people forget themselves.  I say that because I’m sure she doesn’t remember in any way how she was about slapping people in the face with her beliefs about depression.  That was before her sister killed herself.   She’s different now. Maybe it’s the same for other illnesses, I don’t know.  Have I been shallow to my friends who have become ill in other ways?  I don’t think I’ve ever been that way to anyone.  I certainly hope not.

I know I walked off the earth divorcing all of my so called friends.  I’m good with it.  I like being friends with me.  They say with brain injuries, most marriages end in divorce within 2 years. The more serious, the quicker the end.  If it can do that to a marriage, flimsy friendships don’t stand much chance.

I can remember being totally unavailable to a friend whose close friend killed herself.  That was because RJ had just killed himself. We talked about it. We both had to shut down, it was agreed, we were in survival mode.  There were so many suicides in this community.  I know we opened our house for all our kids friends, but we also closed ranks on everyone else.  Still not ready to open any doors to people outside my immediate family.    I don’t know that it’s about social anxiety anymore, it’s so far past that.  The whispered conversations about not being fit to attend anymore funerals or memorials.

Survivors guilt creeps in all the time.  My kids are still alive.  Their friends who stayed are still alive.  We’re still alive.






Milo day 3

So much better, wonderful improvement.  They stopped by again this morning so I could tighten up his harness.  Yesterday was a success, he wore the harness all day and didn’t try to take it off when he was alone.  That’s great.

Has a friend staying with him while he recovers from tomorrow’s surgery.  Milo is one of the happiest puppy dog’s by nature I’ve ever met.   He’s just really powerfully strong as an almost adult.  Hope he follows through on having Milo neutered asap.  He said his friend is staying a week and will take him in soon.  Crossing my fingers.

As well as Milo is behaving now with his harness, it may seem like a new dog, just wait for what he’s like after being neutered.  Life may return to normal for my friend.  He lives alone, no children.  Well except Milo and this dog is teaching my friend lots of love lessons. Really, Milo as a puppy was a perfect little gentleman. This is just a common phase of development.

An RJ moment.

One day, it was a Saturday and he dropped by with a machete.  He needed a work out and wanted to take back some blackberries.  Tall Himalayan Blackberries, non native species.  In one day he cleared around 1,000 sq feet from our backyard.  He studied Kempo and very successfully inspired the kids to get excited about fitness.

I remember looking out the window at him.  He was standing in a martial arts pose and swinging that machete like a broadsword.  Looked out there today and it took a minute.  On the spot where he was standing there is a patch of Forget Me Not.


Milo Day 2.

 Yesterday he took his harness off right after I left.  So today I made some adjustments to his harness and we talked some more.  Then I took him walking and realized I put it back on upside down.  Took it off on the street and he playfully ran off but came back when I called him.  This time he was much better about me putting it back on him.

He nuzzled and kissed me and cuddled, basically apologizing to me.  I told him how much I loved him and that I expected good things from him.  That I wasn’t angry anymore. That I forgave him.  From now on I’ll bring treats when I go to see him.  He just wants pets and positive attention.

Spoke my friend about the money.  Turns out it’s more about waking up and being there on time for an 8am appt.  He said he’s asking another friend to help him out with that.  Tried to encourage him to hurry it up as much as possible for Milo.  That he’d see how MIlo is like a teenager going through puberty.  All or any trainging flies out the window when he sees a female, bottom line.  Any vet would agree.

It’s just that my friend is having surgery this week.  It’s just bad timing. Now he’ll have to deal with the dog acting crazy while he’s healing up, not fun.  I am most certainly not in anyway in a position to  babysit MIlo at my house for even 5 minutes.

Milo’s Harness.

He’s a special dog or I wouldn’t have put my foot down today.

Rewind to the tour bus crash on the highway.  The bus was full of school children and the driver somehow lost conscioussness and the bus crossed the line and hit a local care giver.  The bus hit her head on and she died.  None of the children were injured.

Well she was also an animal rights activist and had been trying to save a pitbull puppy from this farm where the puppies weren’t being cared for properly.  Having the puppy adopted on island and given to this friend of mine.   When she died he was so upset about her and now what would happen to that puppy?  I don’t know how, but the day of her memorial, the puppy made it the island.

I met Milo when he arrived and have known him since he was a cute little puppy.  Now he’s very strong and has developed some bad habits.  He loves me and reacts the same way since day one, he’s really happy to see me. Terrible front door manners. Lately when his owner or even if I have held his collar to put on his leash he does this arm breaker crocodile spin. I’ve never seen a dog do that before. Pitbulls.

We’ve discussed a harness but the owner really wasn’t educated or aware of them.  It wasn’t getting any better and I was in a position that I resented being in.  Becoming angry with my friend.  Told him his dog was no service dog.  Service dogs are expected to have better manners, not worse.  He just likes taking his dog everywhere. Service dogs need  service dog training in that critical 8-16 week window.  That window closed for Milo a long time ago.

Today I brought a harness and put Milo on a lead and voila, manners.  (It was a total struggle and he had to feed the dog treats to distract him or forget it. ) We managed. Without the harness his owner was pulling him by the neck too much.  Now there are places all over his shoulders and back to hold him steady when he’s excited like that.

He’s a good dog, these are just bad owner habits.  We talked about it. He thanked me.  I’m betting that when I left the dog chewed the harness to pieces.  Checking on him again tomorrow.  He said he’s bringing him in to be neutered. Doesn’t have the money.  Tomorrow I’ll offer to pay for it.  I just want to support him and be gentle about talking with him about really saving Milo by teaching him better manners before it’s too late.

Dance To The Music

Gosh between this and Bill O’Willey.  Sort of beside myself.  Partially desensitized and part breathless.  Seeing him finally get fired, I hadn’t felt that joy since Newt Gingrich was kicked to the curb in 1999.

Pretty Much


It does not help to view mental health issues as illnesses which have biological causes

Dr Lucy Johnstone, who is a consultant clinical psychologist, says it does not help to view mental health issues as illnesses which have biological causes. It has been correctly pointed out by Johnstone that the evidence has been overwhelming that people break down due to a complex mix of social and psychological circumstances in life. There must be considerations of poverty and discrimination, trauma and abuse, and bereavement and loss.

Top Winch Barient

Installed and good as new.  The old one lost teeth up Colvos Passage last month.  It has different speeds when grinding in each direction.  Can’t think of how much pressure it took to break it.

Randy is down there and they finished the dive, repaired the keel.  Got the new Coast Guard stuff for Canadian Customs.  Registered for the race, confirmed on the site.

Awwww, he’s so nice to me, this is funny.  He listed me as boat owner regarding the name origin.  Sometimes he registers me as co-skipper, always a surprise.  However I am sitting out this year, my guru is in town, best of luck to all participants.


Go Daddy!

I was on board the day Go Daddy began hosting Word Press.  I love Go Daddy and I love Word Press.  I knew that Go Daddy would handle all the Word Press security glitches, malware problems, etc.

Two products I added to my hosting service are Site Lock and an SSL certificate.  When Word Press issues arise, I can count on Go Daddy. I’m on hold with their tech support right now. Go Daddy continues to Amaze me, their tech support consistently rising above and beyond to keep my site up.  Thank You. Again.  This is so cool.  Site Lock and the SSL certificate have already paid for themselves! Go Daddy rocks the tools, man.


Site Lock monitors my site and found an issue with another Word Press story/link I posted to my page. A Word Press site without hosting or SSL certificate or malware stuff.  Apparently that Word Press site was infected with malware.  So Go Daddy, contacted the infected Word Press site to clean the malware off the site for them.  Site Lock  & Go Daddy are actually bettering the game by protecting security of all Word Press users.








Was talking with my son’s girlfriend this afternoon. She’s becoming a yoga instructor, maintains a strict veggie diet.  My Guru is coming to Seattle and I invited her to attend with me.  Tried for a while to explain Amma or Darshan and the longer I spoke, the sillier I sounded.  I think.  The last time I saw Amma she gave me a dot on my forehead and I smiled for a week, refusing to wash my face.

The first time I went for Darshan, my kids were little.  My daughter was still in diapers, a toddler, just walking.  It was complete culture shock for me.  Impossible to take it all in.  What did it for me, was my daughter.  She was so happy she was running around hugging the back of strangers legs.  She picked up on being with the Hugging Saint.

She ran away from me and dashed into the meditation room.  I was very upset because they wouldn’t let me in directly.  First I had to take off my shoes, set them across the way and then wait in line to go in.  Due to fire codes, there was a wait.  So I said, well I’m not going to the back of line.

When they let me in I was actually a bit angry, my eyes searched the crowd, but everyone was sitting and with their eyes closed.  I looked up at Amma for the first time and there was my daughter sitting next to her.  That’s when it hit me, speechless, I sat down instead of rushing to my daughter.  And actually we did attend the year prior, my daughter was just 2 or 3 weeks old.  I barely remember, only in that we attended that location two years in a row.

In those first years when Amma hugged me during Darshan, She was vibrating and vibrating me slightly.  Like a mother gently burping her gassy baby, beaming a beautiful smile at me.  It’s hard to describe. I thought it was like that for everyone all the time.  I remember the first time she gave me a hug and didn’t have to gently shake me awake, I wondered what had changed, still I could feel my heart open and I cried.  For many years I cried my eyes out whenever I was around her.  Couldn’t help it.

Did you see that?

Looking for the story and video and can’t find a shred.  Way back when, Prince had a party at Paisley Park.  A private party.  It was crashed by a tourist who heard about it and showed up dressed as Prince.  His bouncers beat him up and tossed him off the property.  They guy was like, What? Why? The impersonator was white and looked like Elvis dressed up as Prince.  He tried to sue. Epic Fail.  The entire city laughed at him for not knowing better.   Can’t believe the irony that now it’s being run by Graceland.

Ragstock…  It was a huge warehouse with a thriftstore. In Seattle it would be like Value Village, all of them in one location, but just clothing.  Whatever wasn’t salable was sold in bulk as rags to companies all over.  The boss did actually look like a Mr. Magee or better, Magoo, but that doesn’t rhyme with leisurely.  He was short, bald, fat, wore glasses with thick black frames so he could look down on everyone from behind the wheel of his jag.  Wonder if Mr. Magee ever knew that part of the song was about him.  Wrote to friend in Mpls, guess the city partied this weekend in remembrance.  Sent him the link and he said thanks for the chuckle.

all those dirty looks and put that tongue away


Tri Geminal

My son’s girlfriend and I had a quick chat in the kitchen.  She was rubbing her cheek.  I held my hand to the side of my face with three fingers pointed to my mouth, nose and eyebrow and said, Tri Geminal.  Asked her where the crystal went, it’s missing again.  They do that.  Who knows where they go.

Went fishing for text books on it for her to read.  She found a little bag of rocks.  Great I said, you can take turns holding them on the pressure points.  Place them on the skin while they are cold, wait till they heat and change them.  It’s energy related, unspoken stress.  While holding the rock to her cheek she giggled.  Her eyes opened a bit wider, it worked a little bit.  Like she immediately understood the emotional energy that was on her nerves.  She said, Yeah.  massage doesn’t work and it could be a tooth.

She asked if I had a book on rocks.  I answered yes, but I traded it for a crystal and she giggled again.  Actually I went to several classes on rocks and mineral properties, using certain crystals while running reiki energy on plants & pets & people, grid making.  I need to replace that book.  The updated version has more photos.  In the book there is a theory on duct taping double terminated clear quartz onto hoses to and from the carb to increase gas mileage.  Tried it and it worked.  Eventually the tape wore out and the crystals were lost, but I should try that again and take notes.

That reminds me to spin up some water vibes in my crystal bowl.  We used to have really far out energy healing circles on island.  We’d meet out at Barnworks and hippy houses, play crystal bowls and the didge.  People took turns laying down in the center of the circle, big vibes.  Very loud.  There is a great store up in town where they probably still have get togethers.  They sell far out crystals and always have someone around for tarot and energy readings.


Case Dismissed.

It’s over.  Yes I took the sign.  With the cartoon, next to the high school.  But I gave it back.  After I artified it, disarming Yosemite Sam who was irresponsibly shooting a fire arm into the air.  Called him to let him know I had his sign, that it now had peace symbols on it and that I thought he was an  embarrassement to his profession. Even offering to buy him a new sign without the cartoon.  Theft and malicious mischief? I don’t know, it was more complicated.  Cetainly it was Civil Disobedience. Someone wrote the paper and said that it was Community Service.  During the height of the local suicide cluster it came out that at least one of the families were his clients from the gun range where he taught gun safety. Palmer’s mom left her loaded gun out and Palmer picked it up and shot himself.  Then the local papers ran oped’s about it for two years. My mom read it all online, I spoke in person to both of my parents about it, they totally respected my position. Didn’t plan it, just reacted badly to the sign on my way to a gathering for Rj four months after he died of a self inflicted gun shot. It turned out to be the perfect action to raise awareness of the suicide cluster to the community.   Suddenly there were free locks for gun and alcohol cabinets and things like that.

New Projects

The church interfaith council on homelessness is creating a knitting & crocheting circle to create hats & sweaters for Christmas 2017.  Love.  Now that’s something I can do and it really mellows me out. Perfect opportunity to practice Mantra Japa.

Nettle collecting for pasta and hair rinse.  Upping my game from straight forward egg noodles, with the intention of making Udon.  Simply enough.  If I bring dogs and people, still nervous about the coyotes and cougars and not wanting to surprise a waking black bear.  I know it’s weird to trip off that and I wouldn’t except that we’ve had a bear all over the property before, that my son surprised or was it the bear that surprised my son?  We thought the bear left in late fall, we were stunned to learn it stayed all year, must have hibernated very near the house.

That’s where it was anyway, about 30 feet from the house, center of both the front and back door.  My son didn’t scream, he was only in the second grade.  The bear made noise at him. Not calling it growling.  More like yawning and shaking off sleep.  My son backed off the trail, I think, giving the bear a way out.  He then ran around to the back door and started screaming.  Furious because that was the one day I didn’t meet him at the bus stop.  Will never live it down. We learned all sorts of new things like, it takes bears just as long to come out of hibernation as it takes to go into hibernation.

Disability Discharge: Post Concussion Syndrome


  1. You can submit certification from a physician that you are totally and permanently disabled. Your physician must certify that you are unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of a medically determinable physical or mental impairment that
  • Can be expected to result in death,
  • Has lasted for a continuous period of not less than 60 months, or
  • Can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 60 months.

Each option for showing that you are totally and permanently disabled has specific requirements for the supporting documentation that you must submit with your TPD discharge application.  To review the supporting documentation requirements, visit the TPD Discharge website at www.disabilitydischarge.com and click on Application Process.

(ie:  two forensic neuropsych exams with same results:  Post Concussion Syndrome due to car crash.)


Soups Up!

In the first year after Rj died, I was seeing him in different rooms of the house.  Sometimes talking to him in front of people.  Plunged into  a very nasty seemingly chronic depressive experience.  That’s when Jon brought Teo home to help out around the house and property.

He’s from Vietnam and cooking is his passion.  He’s really good at it.  He made me noodle soup every day.  Made me sit down and eat while he would cook for everyone else.  He didn’t grind peppercorn, said it was better to have whole and let them soften to open up, good for lungs.  It was helpful because it kept me out of bed.  He would say, You look good today. Stronger. Food is medicine. He spoke about back home, family & community gathered around soup. Very important, he would say.

At first I was picky about sticking to my guns regarding my strict vegie diet.  He said he was cooking with meat because it was good for Jon and the boy likes steak.  He would sneak chicken broth into the soup.  I ignored it as long as he fished the chicken pieces out of it. Everything he did was fine art.  It was like my old Chinatown days in San Francisco.  I’d walk into the kitchen and he was creating his own steamy fog.  He would slightly fast burn certain meats while boiling up a separate broth.  Always smelling so good. He would come home from the fisherman with bags of salmon & halibut scraps for fish head soup. Another day he taught me about spring rolls and pot stickers. What an education.

He was able to get me eating meats and eggs again, though I was able to draw a line at beef and chitlings.  Everything he cooked smelled good and was so beautiful like a painting.  He was very formal about introducing what he made.  We all had to sit down and look and listen. Always a finished plate with sides of fresh garnishes to teach us all how to flavor our soups individually.   Adding red spices and chiles are the sun.  Cilantro and green onions, the moon.  He added pickles and relish when preparing the soup stock for sweetness.  Lots of spices for heat.  Balance.  One day he brought home a bag of dried chiles and taught me how to make home made sriracha.  It does taste better.

Tonight I went shopping and stocked up on everything I need to recreate those smells and sights.  Baby Bok Choy, Mung Sprouts, Nori sheets, Cilantro, Green Onions,  Mushrooms and Organic Noodles were on sale. Shrimp, Eggs, Pork, Tofu.   Pulled my wok and went to it.  Jon stood by and watched silently.  Olive oil, relish, salt, pepper, coriander, super hot chili sauce. Bok choy, eggs, tofu, shrimp, water, noodles, cilantro and spring green onions, kimchi and sriracha.  Nailed it.  Passed him a bowl and it was so hot it made him cough.  But not so hot that he needed to do anything about it, it quickly passed.  Enough to make the eyes water and the nose run for a second.  But so good, have to finish the entire bowl.

So here we are and now I can do it myself.  It’s that time of the year when all I want to eat is noodle soup. He was great to have around when he was sober.  He began to drink wine while cooking, then drink wine and smoke cigarettes with windows and doors open, no kids around, of course.  When he was off, he was face down.  I think he enjoyed all the kids, though.  He was very bossy to all of us, demanded respect and order and a clean kitchen.  If I went in the kitchen without invite, I was rushed out.  He didn’t want me eating something else, he had something going already.  We just put up with it.  Summer arrived and away he went.


Ok, back to the piano.

One weird side effect from the concussion.  Now I can play the piano.  So weird I even went for lessons.  I’ve been through four instructors in the process.  The first couple of times I thought it was just rude instructors.  Kept being asked the same questions.  How long have I been playing?  I would answer not long, no prior lessons.  It seemed like they didn’t believe me.  Told Jon, he said it was rude.  Once I learned a few scales I practiced them.  Of course I got better, I practiced. The next two instructors let me play from where I was at.  We simply sat down and played swing progressions so I don’t get bored playing scales.  They sent me home with some sheet music and things to practice and I’m set.  Left the third instructor because she wanted me to play more with my right hand.  My brain likes playing left handed.  Left the fourth instructor because of commuting off island.  The hassle took the fun out of it.  Even though Jon plays the violin, he’s not a music teacher.  He reads by tracking, if asked what note it says,  he has to think about it.  Looking for another instructor, this time to help me with things I’ve written myself.

Sing it out Sing it out

So on Minecraft through the Xbox, Rick Astley is King.  Little man has a head set to communicate with his buddies.  He sets his Ipad next to him and blasts this song so the kids playing in his circle can hear it.  It’s like the Annoying Orange.   I think he said it’s called Rick Rolling someone. But I didn’t know that.  I actually started singing it.  He blinked smiled and then sang it into his mic, hitting the high notes.  Yeah I don’t know what it is about Rick Astley, but really kids love him.  Or else they wouldn’t have memorized it.