Sweet Home Chicago

They called last night from a hotel in Iowa near the Illinois border.  Settled in early for showers and a full nights sleep.   Can’t believe how excited and happy they all sounded. Per left by train last week and is home safe and sound.  They will see him later today and are staying at his place.  Aunt Gail’s service is tomorrow.

As for me I am mastering the meds.  Taking 10 mg of Celexa every 12 hours to get up 20mg at once, once a day.  I’m sleeping through it. It’s been several days in a row and I will have this down before they return home.  The anti depressants are kind of a background thing.  I know they are working because my brain is creating happier colored wall paper.





Family left last night without me.  First it was Jon and Cedar and at the last minute little man said me too.  Gave each of them some pocket money and Jonny tried to give it back.  Said keep it, you’re going to Chicago.  Oh they were so excited. Called my mom and she asked why I didn’t go. New meds, haven’t adjusted.

Our Little Talks


My daughter and I just wrapped this up in less than 5 minutes.  We were caught off guard by this hidden racial profiling.  If we say anything one way or the other, it’s racial judgment based on what we have been socially conditioned to believe is ok by that construct.  So what if a human being identifies with another culture, religion, gender or sexual orientation? My daughter tilted her head to side and smiled and said, interesting societal insight.