Funny Bunny

Our rascal is about 6 months old now.  Big fun for such a little creature.  He’s moved into my bedroom full time now.  My daughter wasn’t having as much success with box training him. Didn’t like the hay all over her floor.

Makes noise in his little bunny hutch when he wants the door open or closed. Loves his little house.  Fond of sitting under chairs but doesn’t like the stairs.

Has been working on his little race track around the room. Tries to move new things out of the way when set down on his little path. Surprised he is unafraid of the dogs. Hops right up to them and sits down.  Doesn’t run from them, so they haven’t chased him, yet.

A friend was over yesterday and was like, “So is it like a cat or a dog?”   Well it’s box trained like a cat.  Gives kisses like a dog.  Runs up to us when we say Bunny.  But it also chews on shoes & wool sweaters. Yeah like a puppy I guess.  Likes to chase the bird away from its bird seed.  Bonds to people more like a dog. More like a dog than a cat, final answer.

So far his name is just Bunny.  It’s hard to name a pet with heart shaped eyes.  He’s way cuter than thumper. Bigger attitude. Lots of jumps with all four feet in the air.




Talk of the town.

My smile lept from me when I saw her.  Oh it’s good to see you, where ya been?  She said, I’ve only been away for three days, ahem, where the hell have You been?  (Ouch.) Went over to pour myself a cup of free coffee.  Yes there is a donation box for it, but she refuses to let me contribute.  That’s for other customers she says.

By the time I went up for smokes and she knows I quit for months, that’s where I’ve been, by the time I went to the counter we were up to our chins in local words.  And it’s funny because 3 times I went in w/o cash and was given 911 smokes on mercantile credit.  Tried to pay her with cash today and she said save your cash and come back with your debit card.  So really three times she was away for three days and it was the other cashier who wrote up the slips.

From now on even if I quit smoking I will go in just to visit.  Today she had a lot to say, but in mid sentence an old friend walked in.  We caught each others eyes and our eyes held eachother until we wrapped our arms around eachother in a long public/private hug.  When I got home I said, I saw (………….).  Oh? He answered. I giggled.  She said that’s a nice warm sweater.  I nodded and looked at her clothing and stated, You look good.  Warm.  I suppose I might have dressed up.  Truth is we were both in sweat pants with ugly boots and a heavy storm layer, no make up, haven’t even brushed my teeth.  She smelled like lavender.  But we all laughed, we agreed no dressing up. We were all appropriately dressed warm and that’s good.  (***once upon a time she and i were pregnant at the same time and had the same midwife. we delivered our babies at home.  she delivered first and i had stopped by to check on her because i happened to be in the neighborhood. arrived as the midwife’s assistant was leaving. she said she was very proud of her and her labor cries were carried by the wind into the forest and it was just so beautiful. she was living off the grid without electricity or running water. it was all candle lit when i got there. checked on her and there was her baby. she handed him to me to change his first cloth diaper, giving his dad a quick lesson. made sure she had eaten and drank water. did the dishes and disappeared. went home smiling. if she could do it, so could i. and i did. in a rented double wide trailer that was tore down for a mcmansion. several people were there. it went on for days-they kept showing in shifts like it was planned. we just kept passing the baby around. none of them called first. it was before cell phones or wifi. the community was so close knit back then.  it’s not like that anymore. hippies renting yurts in the woods for $50.00 a month.)

The chatter was about island rentals.  She asked if I had looked online. Nope. Went home. Have spent the last few hours looking at that.  Mind blown.  Went back and forth on wiki.  Vashon the largest island in the Puget Sound has 10,624 residents, that’s 290 people per square mile.  It’s smaller than Manhattan by like 3 miles.   Manhattan’s population is 1,644,518 at 72,033 people per square mile.  What I found is that AirB&B rentals in Manhattan are less expensive not more, than Vashon.  People aren’t renting their homes by the year anymore. They are renting by the weekend.





Are Lutherans Catholic?

Yes. And we always will be, so long as we hold fast to the traditions of the Apostles, written in the Scriptures and faithfully passed down to us by the Church. Consequently, I cannot help thinking that those seeking out a “Protestant Future” should in fact be looking to the Protestant Past. Looking for a church which faithfully receives the catholic tradition while clearly proclaiming the authority of Scripture? Looking for a church which is both sacramental and devoted to salvation by grace through faith alone? Looking, in other words, for an Evangelical Catholic Church? It already exists. It’s called Lutheranism.

Can Lutherans receive communion at Catholic church? Yup. Even in Vatican City by the pope.

(… this lutheran has a copy of the catechism handed to me by a priest on island and also a very fancy bible to read with it handed to me by a lutheran pastor on island )






Fake Christians

He imagined a wealthy Christian knocking at the gates of heaven and saying, “Here I am, Lord! … I went to Church, I was close to you, I belong to this association, I did this… Don’t you remember all the offerings I made?”
To which Jesus may reply, according to the Pope:
“Yes, I remember. The offerings, I remember them: All dirty. All stolen from the poor. I don’t know you.’ That will be Jesus’ response to these scandalous people who live a double life.”

Fake Christians 

Ashley Jordan with Sharnique Dasant

Dasant says she was prompted to act by the voice of God, and swiped $100 of her own money for a family she’d never met.

“She got in front of me and it’s like I saw a different face on her… and I just had like a little man on my shoulder that was like ‘give her $100 dollars, give her $100 dollars. God told me to do it,”

“So I was like, I said, ‘Yeah, God told me to give you $100,’” Dasant said, “and she said ‘What? What? What are you talking about?’ So I said, ‘He told me to give you $100 dollars.

*** something like that happened to me in Grant’s Pass, OR.  not kidding.  became sick while alone on a road trip, it was 2am and i was stuck in an er after treatment for 7 stuck kidney stones.  the er needed the bed and was kicking me out all sedated-iv moraphine. after making me sign a promise i wouldn’t drive my car from the hospital a man pulled the sheet aside. he was with his friend also in the er. he said to me:  “please don’t think i’m crazy but God just told me you have an important appt to keep and i would like to help you out of here.”  i remember looking at his friend in the bed and looking up at him and nodding ok, let’s go, no questions asked.  when the nurse came back i told her i was leaving with “that black guy” pointing at his feet under the sheet. i was too sedated to get his name. she was very upset but couldn’t legally stop either one of us from that decision.  so this beautiful stranger drove me to a hotel. asked me if i was hungry, said i should eat something. left me at the hotel and came back with take out. he couldn’t leave it there. he said he would be back in the morning. he kept his word and the next day he first drove me to a pharmacy to fill my prescriptions, then to the hospital to pick up my car. he dropped me at my car,  we smiled and waved goodbye and i never saw him again. got in my car thanking God for him and thinking no one will ever believe me. it was several years ago and i thank God for him whenever i think of it.

Changing gear.

My 19 year old son and his beautiful girlfriend stopped by for snowboarding gear.  Borrowing his older brother’s deck.  A jacket from my closet and gloves from his sister.  They leave the island at first light. He’s going with his girlfriend and her dad.  I love that.

Toliva Shoal 2017

Made dinner and everyone went to bed early. So they are well rested. 5:30am wake up call.  Fired up the tea pot with water to heat thermos. Filled thermos with coffee. Made them a light breakfast. And they are off to Olympia for the start of another grueling race day.  brrrrrrrr. going back to bed. Racers called-  everyone safe and maybe 3rd in section?  Missed the tide flood, staying in Olympia overnight for early am return. It’s just this one race but it takes so much work to make it happen. It doesn’t begin or end at the start or finish line. Lots of teamwork on many invisible levels.  My son just walked in the door.  He’s earned some valuable experience out there today.  Wasn’t very windy and it wasn’t at all like yesterday, no sun so  it was cold all day and after sunset. After a while it numbs the brain.

Within Island Memory

Join Friends of Mukai on February 19th as we remember and reflect on the 75th Anniversary of the day President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 in 1942, authorizing the exclusion, removal and incarceration of over 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry. Of those, roughly two-thirds were American-born citizens. One hundred twenty-six Vashon Island residents were removed to the Pinedale Processing Center in California and eventually dispersed to six of the concentration camps. Another four voluntarily relocated before the evacuation.
Executive Order 9066 gave the military broad powers to ban any person of Japanese ancestry from a coastal area stretching from the Canadian border along the Cascade Crest, expanding east at Wenatchee to include the Hanford area, then along the Cascade Crest through Oregon. The area covered all of California to Mexico, then along the border through southern Arizona. The order authorized removing these individuals to temporary assembly centers hastily set up and governed by the military in California, Arizona, Washington and Oregon before placing them in ten concentration camps surrounded by barbed wire and guard towers, located in desolate desert or swampland areas in California, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and Arkansas.
As a result of these actions, Japanese Americans lost businesses, homes, and family and community connections. Many were never able to return. In addition to the complete violation of their civil liberties, the wartime treatment of Japanese Americans was extreme and sweeping, uprooting entire communities, tearing apart families, and irrevocably changing lives.

Mukai Farm and Garden, 18017 107th Ave. SW,
Sunday, February 19th, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
with a ceremony including readings, poetry and a candle lighting at noon.Feb 17, 2017

Mary Matsuda Gruenewald tells of being a high school student on Vashon Island when Pearl Harbor was attacked and her family was sent away to internment camps.                                Mary’s Interview:

Peter Haley                                                



*did more digging and discovered that there were at least three other homes owned by Japanese families.  when finally it was announced that the Japanese families could return to their homes, here on Vashon Island, locals burned three Japanese homes to the ground.

Sailing @ Sunrise

Ruby Red sunset and BEAUTIFUL sunrise.  Mr. set sail for Olympia very early and what a morning to be out there.  I’m jealous. Did catch up to him and had nice cat nap in the sun.  Racers ready it’s the Toliva Shoal.

Sunday Morning

What a way to start the day.  Something new to add to Sunday Family Breakfast. This morning we woke and after making coffee and feeding cats we went upstairs to watch SNL with our coffee cups.  Soon we were spitting that coffee from our nostrils in shock laughter.  Used my pj’s to wipe away tears and coffee snot.  Then more laughter from the Seattle Times.

Lutherans and Catholics 500 Years Later

ELCA presiding bishop addresses President Trump’s refugee executive order
1/30/2017 4:50:00 PM

CHICAGO (Jan. 30, 2017) – The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), has issued a pastoral message addressing President Trump’s executive order to restrict entry by refugees and visitors into the United States from seven predominately Muslim countries.

Eaton’s message follows.

January 30, 2017

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. Yesterday, we heard these words in the Gospel reading from Matthew 5:1-12, the beginning of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. In the Beatitudes, Jesus lays out a vision for life in God’s realm, characterized by seeing those who are often most disregarded, including the meek, the mourning and the peacemaker, as bearers of God’s blessing. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to hear this Gospel, including Jesus’ call for his disciples to be carriers of God’s light and hope and reconciliation to a world deeply in need of them.

In this spirit, earlier last week I communicated with the Trump administration asking that it not stop the U.S. refugee admissions program or stop resettlement from any country for any period of time. The Bible calls us to welcome the stranger and treat the sojourner as we would our own citizens. I agree with the importance of keeping our country secure as the administration stated in its executive order last Friday, but I am convinced that temporarily banning vulnerable refugees will not enhance our safety nor does it reflect our values as Christians. Instead, it will cause immediate harm by separating families, disrupting lives, and denying safety and hope to brothers and sisters who are already suffering.

Refugees being resettled in the United States have fled persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, political views and/or associations. They wait for years for the chance to go home. But sometimes, there is no home for them to go back to. We know from our partners at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) that only 1 percent of all refugees are chosen for resettlement.

People of faith helped start and still sustain the refugee resettlement program in the United States following World War II. As Lutherans, many of our ancestors faced the pain of having to flee their homes and the joy of being welcomed in new communities across the United States. As we have done throughout history, millions of Lutherans across the country honor our shared biblical values as well as the best of our nation’s traditions by offering refuge to those most in need. We are committed to continuing ministries of welcome that support and build communities around the country and stand firmly against any policies that result in scaling back the refugee resettlement program.

We must offer safety to people fleeing religious persecution regardless of their faith tradition. Christians and other religious minorities suffer persecution and rightly deserve protection, but including additional criteria based on religion could have discriminatory effects that would go against our nation’s fundamental values related to freedom of religion.

I invite ELCA congregations into learning, prayer and action on behalf of those who seek refuge on our shores. The ELCA “Social Message on Immigration,” AMMPARO strategy and LIRS resources are good places to start. You can also make a donation to Lutheran Disaster Response. Those who have been part of resettling refugees or have their own immigration experience have important stories to share with their communities and testimony to make. I also encourage you to consider adding your voice by calling your members of Congress to share your support for refugees and using online advocacy opportunities through current alerts at ELCA Advocacy and LIRS.

In Matthew 25:35, Jesus said, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Our Lord not only commanded us to welcome the stranger, Jesus made it clear that when we welcome the stranger into our homes and our hearts – we welcome him.

God’s peace,

The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton
Presiding Bishop

Fake News

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday that Nordstrom’s decision to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories line is an attack on the president’s policies and his daughter. Spicer told reporters during his daily press briefing that the decision—which Nordstrom said was a result of poor sales, not politics—was because of the clothing company’s displeasure with President Donald Trump’s executive orders and his policies.