Funny Bunny

Our rascal is about 6 months old now.  Big fun for such a little creature.  He’s moved into my bedroom full time now.  My daughter wasn’t having as much success with box training him. Didn’t like the hay all over her floor.

Makes noise in his little bunny hutch when he wants the door open or closed. Loves his little house.  Fond of sitting under chairs but doesn’t like the stairs.

Has been working on his little race track around the room. Tries to move new things out of the way when set down on his little path. Surprised he is unafraid of the dogs. Hops right up to them and sits down.  Doesn’t run from them, so they haven’t chased him, yet.

A friend was over yesterday and was like, “So is it like a cat or a dog?”   Well it’s box trained like a cat.  Gives kisses like a dog.  Runs up to us when we say Bunny.  But it also chews on shoes & wool sweaters. Yeah like a puppy I guess.  Likes to chase the bird away from its bird seed.  Bonds to people more like a dog. More like a dog than a cat, final answer.

So far his name is just Bunny.  It’s hard to name a pet with heart shaped eyes.  He’s way cuter than thumper. Bigger attitude. Lots of jumps with all four feet in the air.




Talk of the town.

My smile lept from me when I saw her.  Oh it’s good to see you, where ya been?  She said, I’ve only been away for three days, ahem, where the hell have You been?  (Ouch.) Went over to pour myself a cup of free coffee.  Yes there is a donation box for it, but she refuses to let me contribute.  That’s for other customers she says.

By the time I went up for smokes and she knows I quit for months, that’s where I’ve been, by the time I went to the counter we were up to our chins in local words.  And it’s funny because 3 times I went in w/o cash and was given 911 smokes on mercantile credit.  Tried to pay her with cash today and she said save your cash and come back with your debit card.  So really three times she was away for three days and it was the other cashier who wrote up the slips.

From now on even if I quit smoking I will go in just to visit.  Today she had a lot to say, but in mid sentence an old friend walked in.  We caught each others eyes and our eyes held eachother until we wrapped our arms around eachother in a long public/private hug.  When I got home I said, I saw (………….).  Oh? He answered. I giggled.  She said that’s a nice warm sweater.  I nodded and looked at her clothing and stated, You look good.  Warm.  I suppose I might have dressed up.  Truth is we were both in sweat pants with ugly boots and a heavy storm layer, no make up, haven’t even brushed my teeth.  She smelled like lavender.  But we all laughed, we agreed no dressing up. We were all appropriately dressed warm and that’s good.  (***once upon a time she and i were pregnant at the same time and had the same midwife. we delivered our babies at home.  she delivered first and i had stopped by to check on her because i happened to be in the neighborhood. arrived as the midwife’s assistant was leaving. she said she was very proud of her and her labor cries were carried by the wind into the forest and it was just so beautiful. she was living off the grid without electricity or running water. it was all candle lit when i got there. checked on her and there was her baby. she handed him to me to change his first cloth diaper, giving his dad a quick lesson. made sure she had eaten and drank water. did the dishes and disappeared. went home smiling. if she could do it, so could i. and i did. in a rented double wide trailer that was tore down for a mcmansion. several people were there. it went on for days-they kept showing in shifts like it was planned. we just kept passing the baby around. none of them called first. it was before cell phones or wifi. the community was so close knit back then.  it’s not like that anymore. hippies renting yurts in the woods for $50.00 a month.)

The chatter was about island rentals.  She asked if I had looked online. Nope. Went home. Have spent the last few hours looking at that.  Mind blown.  Went back and forth on wiki.  Vashon the largest island in the Puget Sound has 10,624 residents, that’s 290 people per square mile.  It’s smaller than Manhattan by like 3 miles.   Manhattan’s population is 1,644,518 at 72,033 people per square mile.  What I found is that AirB&B rentals in Manhattan are less expensive not more, than Vashon.  People aren’t renting their homes by the year anymore. They are renting by the weekend.