Grandpa Dad’s On Holiday

Rouse the sleeping family by opening and closing doors. The front door a bit of stomping on the porch and then the door to the wood stove.  Sort of complaining with energy. Found him in the dining room working the new 1500 piece Ravensburger puzzle laid out two days ago.  I took the bait and got out of bed to see what’s going on and making a pot of coffee and turning on NPR for background noise slowly waking up the house.   He asked me to tow a truck with him and make a space in his garage to work on my daughter’s car.

Woke my oldest son and asked him to help Grandpa Dad on holiday. We shifted everyone’s cars and trucks around for a while and took turns on the puzzle sometimes speaking to each other, mostly listening to This American Life and giggling quietly to our selves.  This is our second puzzle. Our first was one of the Christmas gifts we finished in one night. That was just 500 pieces.  This one will take days. Our tree has been taken down and we are quietly feeling the newness of the open space in the living room.

Just as we got my daughter’s car in the garage it began to rain and snow.  Our Grandpa Dad has now had his coffee and conversation and is content with waking us all up and then disappeared into his garage leaving us to ourselves. The puzzles are a wonderful thing for him. Now he will be busy all day back and forth between working on his cars and stopping to sit and work on the puzzle. The puzzles are a wonderful thing for all of us. It is something to sit with each other in silence with such focus.