Don’t Hate me because I’m Beautiful.

Getting several emails per minute as my wordpress site faces down brute force hack attacks…

Serbia, Romania, Columbia, Mumbia India, Spain, Austria, muuuuaaaahhahhhahhahhahaaa…. I love it.

Czech Republic, Pakistan, Columbia, Algeria, Ukraine,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Looks like it started at 6:43 am, with 3 per minute, it’s a bit faster now.

Kriva Palanka, Macedonia,Courbevoie, France,Caracas, Venezuela,Bayamón, Puerto Rico,Rhodes, Australia,Pyrgos, Greece,Moscow, Russia, hundreds more…

Baku, Azerbaijan,Pune, India, Calama, Chile,Srinagar, India, Tijuana, Mexico,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Muscat, Oman,Mississauga, Canada, Portugal, Bengaluru, India,Brijest, Croatia, Hadera, Israel,Trinidad and Tobago. Totalling 1,670 log in attempts.

aha, stopped the traffic at 3:36pm! thank you tech support. wordpress is still a little non profit, so… let me get this right.  computer generated log in hacker programs  can figure out passwords automatically but can’t do math?  that doesn’t seem real to me.


Live Through This

What a way to start the day. *note to self. Place emergency inhaler next to pc when reading the news.  Scrambling for my copy of The Beauty Myth and emergency only benzodiazepine.  At first it was like ok, provoking people may get them off their asses. Now it’s like ok, so that’s what’s wrong with America today,   Donald Trump.



Haven’t watched a beauty contest since I was like, 10. Isn’t it something when bald fat white men way past attractive judge young women who participate in beauty contests?  It’s like a grown man playing with dolls, but they aren’t toys. So disturbing on so many complicated levels. Who even watches beauty contests anymore?

You know what I think would be the most entertaining beauty pageant?  A drag show. Just lip syncing, costumes, make up and attitude catwalk. That would be delicious.  MS World.




Into The Black



He spoils me. Picked up a guitar and played out of the blue and transitioned into helpless, wasn’t even aware he did it.   Awesome, love the way he thinks.

*special guest in Seattle 2012… rocked Very hard.

Wonder if he would like these guys, don’t have a clue on the lyrics but it makes me smile… every time I listen to it.


Two Months Early…

I’ve never heard of this kind of Black Friday before.


Heard strange noises. Went outside to see the sky.   A hundred mourning doves were in the trees outside my bedroom window. The sound I heard was all of them landing in the trees. Pet the porch cat and softly said, Hello Kitty, while I was staring in amazement at the birds.  When they heard my voice they took flight, so many, what a visit.


(As a total aside, True story is that Stevie Nicks was listening to Little Red Corvette on the radio whilst she wrote Stand Back. She went 50/50 royalties with Prince because he played most of the music while they recorded it in the studio. They didn’t even sign a contract.)


Wow there is a story about them! They are a symbol of Peace and Love. Yeah. Well I suppose it did feel calm and magical and peaceful, although at first it was shocking.