Welcome to my world.

It is a work in progress.

Thought WordPress might be more useful than the other format I had going on.  So here we are.

Lost content and my train of thought transfering website’s.  Whoops. Hope it’s worth it.  New here, lots to learn please check back.  Will take me a few days to learn the new platform.  Trying to figure out how to add the comment and chat boxes.  May take weeks to upload all the art. Can only do a few things and have to walk away. Presently my son  doesn’t feel well.  The dogs are playing loudly, music in one ear and my little bird is singing to me in the other.  Probably PMS’ing.   Stress.


Life.  Post Concussion.

This is my art journal of how I live with post concussion syndrome.  It’s a brave new world.  The car crash was in February 2010.  My neurologist said to tell people when I meet them, so I do.  Hi, my name is Korina and I have brain damage and it’s called Post Concussion Syndrome.

(Thanks for being nice about it, but don’t bother trying to make me or yourself feel better during the awkward moment by saying you’re no good at remembering names either, as you age. My IQ is still 144 or above.  Who knows what it was before the crash. My friend Julie says it was above 150, but those tests don’t mean anything in the real world. She has a master’s in education.)

What fills your cup?

Journaling, music & art therapy.

In any order, as long as it’s everday.


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